Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning ?

Posted Date: 28/08/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

In Indian society, deep cleaning takes place once a year at the time of Diwali. Because people believe that Goddess Laxmi comes only in a neat and tidy house. But it is not necessary that we are bound to perform deep cleaning only once. It is a fact that we can’t perform deep cleaning regularly as it requires a good amount of time.

Today we will give you a thorough analysis of the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning. There is a lot more difference between the regular cleaning and the deep cleaning done by the professionals. And we also share that which division of the home mostly require deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning v/s Regular Cleaning – Things to Consider

It is essential to know the few things about deep cleaning and regular cleaning like the understanding of elements that lead to the accumulation of dirt, dust, bacteria, and some dangerous virus.

Understanding deep cleaning and regular cleaning

The cleaning which performs by every homeowner without expert guidance and done on a regular basis just to restrict the dust accumulation on the external sphere of the wooden furniture, showpiece, floor of the home. Dusting only removes the upper layer dust. This cleaning has its own drawbacks. As it places the dust into corners of the house. Regular Cleaning is unable to remove the dirt, dust particles from the cracks and corners. You can’t get rid of germs, Bactria, and viruses from regular cleaning. Therefore, deep cleaning is important to perform after every few months.

You have observed that some divisions and items of the house attract dust to settle down easily. Such as fans, bathroom, kitchen, microwave, ceilings, oven, etc. I hope you are very much aware that uncleanliness can lead to various diseases. So that’s why the deep cleaning of the home is very important. So don’t put your life on risk and in order to live a healthy lifestyle hire professional deep cleaning services after every few months. Like Urbanwale home cleaning service provider and you can book deep cleaning service very easily. We make sure that your house looks like newly invented.

Difference between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning is the typical sort of which house makers perform on a daily basis. It is a minimum level of cleaning that makes your clean from the external layer but deep down dust and germs still lie there. It consists of mopping, brooming, dusting, wiping off the bathroom and kitchen tiles, etc. You can be called it as maintenance of the house. So that you can live comfortably. But in order to pursue a healthy lifestyle deep cleaning is essential.

While deep cleaning is the deep-down level of cleaning. This cleaning completely disinfects your house completely and make your home healthy to live. While deep cleaning the main focus is to remove the inbuilt dirt and germs. It covers all the sections which left during the regular cleaning. It includes the cleaning of ceilings, windows, railings, small spaces and cracks, sinks, water basins, water containers, RO, undiscovered divisions, shower, frames, etc.

Deep cleaning Covered Following Areas

Study and Living Room
  • All shelf and cabinets are wiped after removing each and every item and then put back to the shelf again.
  • Windows and Grills are wiped down and all the stains removed by using cleaning agents like Colin.
  • The left part during regular cleanings like furniture, showpiece, and study tables are all wiped out carefully. Even top of the shelves is also get cleaned during the deep cleaning.
  • Every corner and cracks cleaned by using a vacuum and mopped floor by using soapy water.
  • All seating arrangement of sofa re-arranged after cleaning the covered space.
  • All the kitchen shelves products removed from the cabinets after dusting and wiping the items put back into them.
  • As you know most of the pests grow inside the kitchen only as the shelves and cabinets covered with doors so they are able to reside there. So scrubbing of the floor is essential in deep cleaning.
  • Kitchen appliances like oven, microwave, toaster, sandwich maker get scrubbed and cleaned from the interior.
  • Scrubbing of Kitchen tiles after removing the items from the kitchen and then placed back. So that all stains and microorganisms getaway.
  • The kitchen’s windows and exhaust fans should be wiped down.

  • The bathroom tiles and top shelves need to rinse off.
  • All the empty bottles of shampoo, soap, cleanser need to be removed.
  • Soak the showerheads into the vinegar solution to make it clean completely.
  • Bathroom sinks and bathtubs should be cleaned by the soapy solution to remove the unwanted stains of water droplets.
  • The floor of the bathroom needs to be scrubbed and moped to make it completely clean.

  • The bedroom is the most important division of the house. And everyone wants it to be as clean as it can be. So in order to deep clean, you need to remove the tables, shelves materials, cupboards clothes, and ornaments from the room and then perform dusting and wiped down all the earlier unreachable space.
  • Floor and all the corners of the bedroom should be mopped and vacuumed.
  • Wooden furniture, Air conditioning, grills need to be clean thoroughly.
  • All the waste material disposed into the bins.
  • The balcony needs to be mopped and dusted.
Note: Gardening Are and external arena expect special attention during the deep cleaning process. Everything should be cleaned and wiped down carefully.
List of Essentials While Performing cleaning Task
•    Vacuum Cleaner
•    Toilet Brush
•    Scrubbing Pad
•    Sponges
•    Duster
•    Bucket & Mug
•    Waste clothes
•    Brushes
•    Glass cleaner
•    Polish material
•    Detergent
•    Cleaning Agents
•    Stain Remover
Although both the cleaning methods' main motive is to keep the house neat and clean. And both of them cover the same space. The difference lies between the strategies and manual power efforts you are putting while doing the cleaning. I hope the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning is clear to you now. Deep cleaning is more intensive than regular cleaning. Even you can hire cleaning services. Urbanwale is a reliable home service provider in Jamshedpur. So feel free to contact Urbanwale anytime & anywhere.


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