Posted Date: 15/01/2021
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With the increase in coronavirus cases around the world, we have another cause for concern: The Bird flu, According to official sources, many states in India, including Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, and Rajasthan, are witnessing a bird flu epidemic that has already killed enough birds and forced the authorities to destroy thousands of other birds. Bird flu is a devastating disease that can be easily transmitted from birds to humans. This creates fear in poultry and non-farmers when it is...

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Posted Date: 21/10/2020
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No matter, how modern life we are pursuing but somewhere we are still struggling with women safety issues. Today I am not writing as a writer or author but solely as a woman of Proud India. You may have read several inspiring stories of women who are really making India a prideful nation. This shows the power of education & awareness....

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Posted Date: 30/06/2020
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As you know, there has been a rift between China and India since the outbreak of Coronavirus. And things really become so sensitive when China attacks in the Galvan Valley on 15 June and there are twenty Indian soldiers killed in it. This actually forced the Indian government to take action against China, otherwise, India had been ignoring for a few months and is constantly working to maintain peace and resolve issues. But China made false promises from time to time and shot at 20 soldiers in a ...

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