Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Cleaning Services

Posted Date: 28/01/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Are you planning to Hire cleaning services?? Wait… Wait…
Oh, you are inviting someone to your place. Are you all set to hire cleaning experts? If yes, let’s cross-check your preparation.

Are You ready? Let’s move further
Here we are enlisting some crucial questions that you should ask before hiring deep cleaning services because you never know what’s comes after. Therefore, you should be a little smart at your job. We care for you that’s why always available for you.

Ask below mentioned questions at the time of hiring cleaning services:

How much do you charge and what does it include?
It is the most important question because after completion what they charge you have to pay. So, you should keep the chargeable price in a transparent format to avoid last time unwanted arguments over the quoted price. And take inquiry regarding what are they offering under each quotation, so that later you can claim things.

Are you insured?

Cleaning companies or cleaners alone bear the least amount of liability and workers' compensation insurance. And just don't take your word for it, don't ask for proof. Your homeowner’s insurance policy is not a backup; Some policies do not protect the people who work in your home.

If something breaks or falls during an accident or accident, you are covered by the cleaning company's insurance and workers' compensation coverage.

What types of products do you use while cleaning the house?

The cleaning company is bringing its own cleaning products. When professional cleaners bring their products, they are unsure how to use them safely and effectively. Make sure you don't know what they are going to bring and what to expect. For example, do they do their own cleaning, cleaning solution, and clean clothes?

If you have any special dark or hardwood floors that clean the edges of your marble, you should mention them and make sure the cleansers use your products. Your product guarantee can only rely on trusted products and a professional cleaning company will be happy to use the products you need. It's also a great time to ask about a green cleansing solution; These non-toxic cleaners are not only healthy for your employees to use but also safe for your children and pets.

How many years did you go into business?

Ideally, you could work with a cleaning company or anyone who has been doing this for years. Experience has a big impact on the quality of work provided by cleansers.

Can you provide 3 references?

The business should have no difficulty in providing references now or to former customers. And when you get the list, call and check them out. You can also find an online overview of their facility. Do not take any profession you do not work with. They should have a good reputation and be friendly with them during your calls.

How do you test your staff?

Cleaning companies provide at least local and federal background checks. If you're hiring a separate cleaner, you can ask them to Google and provide their own background check. Professional cleaning companies such as the Box and Booth service take their safety and security seriously and closely monitor their employees.

What kind of training do your employees receive?

Once your professional cleaning company recruits the right staff, they need to be trained to provide high-quality, fast, and efficient cleaning. Ask this question to gain insight into their learning mindset. If they try to fix this question, go to the next company or the cleaner on your list. Training requires high-quality cleaning in less time.

What kind of quality control do you have?

Ask the cleaning company how they check the quality of their work. Maybe they are the work team leaders who will be responsible for checking all the cleaners' work before they go, or they may have organizers inspect random requirements. They may contact you and ask you to rate how they did after each visit. It is important to know how the cleaning company measures your quality and whether they take your satisfaction seriously.

Do you have to be here when you are going to clean?

You do not need to come home after most employees cleaning. You will need to provide a key or access code before you can enter the home. Cleaners are here, it doesn't bother you to be around them, but you shouldn't go in their favor.

How can I contact you to reschedule, comment, or report issues?

What is the easiest way to contact them? Most of the time cleaning companies want your business but when you are on their schedule you become less friendly and responsive. If this evaluates your relationship, get rid of them and move on to better service. You need active communication with your cleaning company, such as cleaning reminders and forwarding by phone or email. This type of free communication allows you to quickly solve any crop problems by providing the best service to meet your expectations.

You must ask these questions whenever you plan to hire cleaning services. This will prevent you from connecting with the wrong service provider. Even you can contact us for cleaning services as we offer quality Kitchen Deep-Cleaning services, Bathroom-Deep-Cleaning, Professional Sofa Cleaning, Water Storage Tank Cleaning,   Professional Carpet Cleaning at affordable rates.


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