Why You Should Hire Urbanwale Professional Disinfection Services?

Posted Date: 01/03/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

It is necessary to regularly clean your home and workplace. You can hire a team of trained professionals as well who can guarantee a deep cleaning with long-lasting protection.

There are many companies in the that offer cleaning or disinfection services, but not all of these companies provide the same high-quality service. When selecting a professional disinfection company, we recommend that business owners and family heads ask lots of questions to ensure that their business or house will be truly protected.

Here we guide you how to select a professional disinfection company in Jamshedpur that will fulfil all your requirements.

Why should You hire professional disinfection company?

Hiring a professional disinfection company offers many valuable benefits.

Expert training

First of all, a company like Urbanwale cleans and disinfects your workplace and residents to make sure the job gets done properly. Technicians at the disinfection company are trained to understand the best cleaning systems, including the chemicals they use, the chemicals used correctly, and the chemicals best used.

It is easy to think that you will stop disinfecting and infecting an employee or department in your company, however, someone who is not professionally trained in viral and bacterial disinfection does not know how or where effectively can be disinfected. , which means that the stains will have to be missing or not completely cleaned.

Disinfect to save time and money

Hiring a professional disinfection company can save you time and money in the long run. A team of professional disinfectants will have access to their own cleaning chemicals. This can help your business save money as store bought cleaners are in high demand and therefore can be more expensive. Disinfection companies also buy bulk cleaning products at wholesale prices and are able to offer this benefit to customers.

When it comes to saving time, professional disinfection companies have advanced spray technologies that can effectively disinfect large rooms - and everything in them - from the tallest shelf to the floor and into every corner. and cranes - in minutes. It will take hours to dive into one place of an employee's hand - one where your employee can better serve your business by performing their normal duties.

FAQs before selecting a professional disinfection company

If you are wondering how to choose a professional disinfection company, we recommend that you start by preparing a list of questions for potential companies. This will help you find out which companies provide services that match your location, business, and budget. Here are some things you should ask a disinfection company before you make an appointment with them.

How much do your services cost?

One of the basic that one should ask before booking professional disinfection services. Prices usually vary depending on the size of your location, the chemicals used, and whether you have a recurring appointment or one-time service. Some companies, like ours, offer discounts on recurring services. Be sure to ask if any special discounts or rebates are available for certain services or long-term contracts.

Do you offer recurring appointments?

If you want to book disinfection services on a regular basis, you should ask companies for their appointment options. Some people may only allow you to schedule appointments at a time, while others may offer a variety of options ranging from daily to weekly appointments. Being able to book a regularly scheduled disinfection service will save you time by reminding you every day or month and will help you better plan treatment according to your work schedule.

Urbanwale Professional Sanitizing provides a unique and highly effective service. Whether you need cleaning for locally owned restaurants or large retail stores, we have found a solution for you. We provide professional disinfection services in Jamshedpur.

Why You Should Choose Urbanwale Disinfection Services?

We are proud to provide professional disinfectant services to a wide variety of businesses and organizations in the Jamshedpur regions. Our technicians are experienced in the needs of many different business types and are able to offer unique advice for your business and resident.

Electrostatic spray equipment

Unlike many other spray sanitizing companies or traditional watchman services, we use spectrum electrostatic sprayers that positively charge disinfectant droplets, allowing them to spread smaller, more evenly, and that they stick to surfaces Go and infiltrate the small, hard-to-clean space.

Because we use a mist-spray system, we are able to safely disinfect items that many companies cannot use flood-spray technology, such as pin pads, self-check screens, and other high - Touch Electronics. The electrostatic component of our sprayer ensures full coverage and better adhesion of the sprayer on all surfaces.

Highly effective chemical combination

We use disinfectant products that are either on the list of EPA-maintained chemicals that are believed to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 or have demonstrated efficacy against other virus. The three most commonly used chemicals are quarantine ammonium compounds, peroxide, and silver citrate.

Quaternary ammonium compounds have a continuous activity after drying. The concentration of these compounds is usually required by the manufacturer for demonstrated effectiveness versus human coronavirus. Super quotes need to be rinse once and wipe once dried, so they are generally recommended for hard surfaces that are not used for food service or storage.

Peroxide is highly effective in killing viruses and bacteria, however, it is not continuous-acting. This is a great option for quickly disinfecting a location, but is not recommended for places with soft surfaces, as peroxide can bleach some surfaces such as fabrics and upholstery.

Silver citrate is our recommended chemical for most surfaces. It is a continuous acting and label to provide 24 hours of activity.

Sanitizing Best Practice Induction

During your first treatment, our experienced technicians will walk with you to your location and help you develop a plan for what kind of hygiene you need and how often. If there are red-flag items during this time that may need to receive special treatment or removed from your business, we can help you identify them. We will provide the information you need to keep things clean between hygiene sprays and will be your partner in developing a plan that supports the good health of your employees, friends, relatives, family and customers.

I hope, it is enough to convince you to hire Urbanwale professional disinfection services. To book sanitization call Urbanwale or can download Urbanwale android application from Google playstore.


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