The Major Role Of Cleaning And Disinfection Services

Posted Date: 03/05/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Cleaning and disinfection services become extremely important due to life taking havoc of coronavirus pandemic. Primarily, disinfection is an effective way to prevent your dear and loved ones from coronavirus contamination. Disinfecting your resident or corporate place is important for maintaining the health and fitness of your family members and staff. Human-to-human transmission of coronavirus is more likely than from the surface. Therefore, in addition to cleaning your homes, you must use hand sanitizer with a face mask as a top precaution. To kill viruses or bacteria, we must thoroughly disinfect our homes to reduce the likelihood of surface-to-surface transmission.

Most of us use an alcohol-based disinfectant spray to sanitize our homes from bacteria, viruses, and germs. But are you sure you're doing things, right? Have you checked that the disinfectant or sanitizer you are using is performing the required work?

There have been cases where those disinfectants that have flooded our markets and locations have been diluted and put at risk. It is also important to know if the things you have done to disinfect are the right way to go.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), we must prioritize disinfection areas and should know about disinfection methods.

1.    Highly contact areas

High contact surfaces should be identified for priority disinfection, such as door and window handles, kitchen and dining areas, counters, bathroom surfaces, toilets and faucets, screens personal touch screens, personal computer keyboards, and work surfaces.

2.    What disinfectants should you use?

Disinfectant or diluted disinfectant is life-threatening. For non-medical facilities, WHO recommends the following disinfectants?

  • Sodium hypochlorite (bleach/chlorine) can be used at the recommended concentration of 0.1% or 1000 ppm (1 part bleach to 5% to 49 parts water).
  • Alcohol in an amount of 70 to 90% can also be used for the disinfection of surfaces.

3.    How to clean or disinfect?''

You must first clean the surfaces with soap and water or detergent to remove dirt and then disinfect.

Cleaning should always start from the least polluted (cleanest) area to the most polluted (dirty) area so that dirt does not spread to less polluted areas.

4.    Avoid spraying

Spraying is not an recommended method to disinfect surfaces. If disinfectants are to be applied, they should be used with a cloth or towel soaked in disinfectant as recommended by the WHO.

5.    When disinfecting, you should avoid common mistakes

  • Do not leave the windows and doors of your house closed during disinfection
  • Open the windows and ventilate with fans.
  • Eliminate odors if they are too strong. To prepare disinfectant solutions make a use of well-ventilated areas.
  • Do not use disinfectants such as bleach and ammonia, as the mixtures can irritate the respiratory tract and release potentially    fatal gases.
  • Keep the lids closed when not in use. Leaks and accidents are more likely to happen when containers are opened.
  • Do not let children use disinfectant wipes.
  • Discard disposable items such as gloves and masks if they are used during cleaning. Do not clean and reuse.
  • Do not use disinfectants wipes to clean your hands or as baby wipes
  • When disinfecting the house, wear rubber gloves, waterproof aprons, and closed shoes.

Cleaning vs. disinfection

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cleaning means removing germs, dirt, and grime from surfaces with soap and water. Cleaning does not kill bacteria. Instead, it reduces the number of bacteria that live on the surface.

Disinfection involves the use of chemicals, such as EPA registered disinfectants, to destroy germs on surfaces. Disinfection by itself does not necessarily clean the surface and does not necessarily kill germs.

For bacteria-free surface production, cleaning followed by disinfection is recommended. Clean first to remove dirt and germs. Then use disinfectant chemicals to kill any bacteria left on the surface.

The CDC recommends regular cleaning and disinfection of household surfaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Why hire a professional company for cleaning and disinfection services –

Proper cleaning and disinfection of an office or home need knowledge of current hygiene concepts and attention to areas that are often overlooked. Therefore, the recruitment of a professional cleaning company has great advantages when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting coronaviruses.

Professional cleaning groups are beneficial in many ways. Facility owners who contract with a cleaning company have more time to focus on their business than to spend hours cleaning each week. Cleaning professionals use safe cleaning solutions that are effective in deactivating coronavirus.

Professional cleaning and disinfection services ensure the health of employees and family members, which in turn increases morale and prevents disruption to the flow of business.

The cleaning staff will take the necessary precautions when handling an environment where coronavirus viability is suspected. Crews wear personal protective equipment (PPE), although the risk of coronavirus leakage for cleaning staff is low during the cleaning process.

Reputable cleaners are Urbanwale because they are compliant and trained in the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals used in office cleaning. After each cleaning, the teams carefully put on, remove and dispose of the gloves so that the coronavirus does not infect human host cells.

Office and residential disinfection services are best handled by the professionals such as Urbanwale. We are a trusted cleaning and disinfection service with experience in decontaminating a variety of properties, including offices, nursing homes, gyms, and schools.
At Urbanwale, we take precautionary measures to ensure that the workplaces or houses we clean do not contain viruses. Although it is not confirmed that the coronavirus is in the air, our engineers use advanced equipment to neutralize all viral particles suspended in the air.

Especially in this critical time, when coronavirus predominates, the head of the office is recommended to use cleaning and disinfection services for professional treatment of the workplace or home. Urbanwale technicians are trained to meet cleaning standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Our technicians use EPA-approved disinfectants and wear appropriate PPE during the cleaning and disinfection process.


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