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Posted Date: 03/07/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Stress-free life is the dream of many people but due to small or big problems, it becomes difficult to hold on to a hassle-free life. But no need to struggle anymore because we have a permanent solution for all your problems which helps to stay free from common household problems like electrical, plumbing, appliances repair & installation, cleaning, pest control, fruits and vegetables, meat and many more. By getting UrbanWale Android application from Google Playstore for free, you can fix these issues quickly.

Who are UrbanWale?

UrbanWale is the leading and one-stop solution for all your home-related problems like Electrical, Plumbing, Appliance Repair & Installation, Pest Control,  Sanitation, Cleaning, Fruit & vegetables, Meat and many more. At UrbanWale we take care of all your needs and strive to provide quality service at an affordable rate. Here you get everything you want. It is a platform that is trusted by millions due to its reliability and strict quality control procedures. Our team is comprised of qualified, skilled, and verified people who are experts in their respective job profiles.

We believe that customers should get quality and safe services at affordable rates. It is not necessary that quality things should always be expensive because in reality, it is not so. You can get quality things at reasonable prices and we are the example and the proof is our customer's feedback. In just a short span of time, we have been able to create a special place in the hearts of the clients as we have offered quality services. There are very few companies that do not do what they say but we are against this protocol. We only promise what is possible for us to offer.

Services Offered By UrbanWale

UrbanWale offers a wide range of services at reasonable rates. Here we are listing the services that make UrbanWale one of the leading Home Service Providers in Jamshedpur.

Cleaning Services – Cleaning is one of the common household chores that take place on the regular basis. There is no doubt we all love to live in a tidy place but no one loves to perform this job because this is very tedious work to perform. Therefore, it causes stress. So in order to make you stress-free, we offered regular or deep cleaning at a reasonable price. We offer split services as well. If you just want us to clean your kitchen, carpets, or sofa individually we will be available at your convenience. So, guys now no more worry just have Urbanwale app book cleaning service shortly.

Plumbing Services - Another major problem that takes place is due to the poor plumbing system. Running toilets and taps can add more stress quickly if not addressed by the professionals. Hence, to keep the stress at bay, we provide plumbing services at affordable rates. Most of the time, people ask for emergency services. At Urbandale we are ready to serve you whatever you want. You can call us anytime and enjoy stress free life with UrbanWale App.

Electrical Services – In the modern world, electricity is essential for a stress-free life as most of the appliances and items run with the help of electricity like mixers, washing machines, ovens, ACs, etc., so a poor electrical system can hamper your work. That's why we've included electrical services so that you don't have to struggle to find the best electrician. With the UrbanWale app, you can quickly hire a professional electrician.

Pest Control – Controlling pest control with the DIY method is not as easy as it sounds. It is worth seeking professional help if you want to keep your home safe from insects. The availability of insects in your home can cause a variety of diseases and make you sick. At UrbanWale, we use an eco-friendly solution to permanently eradicate pests from your home. We care about our customer and surroundings hence adhered to using safeguards against pests.

Appliances Repair & Installation – The tool works to simplify your work and add luxury and comfort to your lifestyle. But it is really necessary to take proper care and maintenance of the appliances to use them for a long time. Otherwise, your home appliances repeatedly call for repair and replacement service and you end up wasting money and energy. Better for you to have UrbanWale app, it will guide you for routine maintenance and help you to fix home appliances quickly if needed.

Fruits and Vegetables – It is not easy to enter a crowded market on a daily basis and buy fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. But with the UrbanWale app, you can do this task quickly, just enter your required service in the cart and place the order. UrbanWale gets your order delivered to your location quickly. This will save your time and energy. And at UrbanWale, we offer our customers the best deals. Before delivery, every single order goes through a strict quality check process to give you up-to-the-mark service.

Meat Delivery – There are many people who are meat-eaters that’s why we supplemented our services with meat delivery it includes, raw chicken, fish, meat, etc. You can have it whenever you crave meat. Now no need to go to the market just has the android application Urbanwale and places your order. We will deliver at your doorsteps at your convenience.

Sanitization Services – The coronavirus outbreak has made sanitation services more important than ever. You can hire our sanitation services to provide a protective cover to your home or workplace. We use solutions that are effective at removing harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi from soft or hard surfaces. We have a team of professionals who have good knowledge of chemicals.

Apart from these services we offer digital marketing, content writing, carpentry, graphic designing, laundry, and many more services just to make your life stress-free. All you just need to do download the Urbanwale application from Google Playstore. Make your life stress-free with an Urbanwale home service provider.


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