Let’s Act Together – One Step To Help Those Struggling With Hunger

Posted Date: 04/06/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Do you know that not only the cases of coronavirus are increasing but the causes of hunger are also increasing rapidly? It is not possible to live in the city without seeing the pain of hungry people on the streets. The statistics are staggering: 1 in 10 people passes each day without enough food and enough money to pay for other basic necessities. Fortunately, compassionate and aware citizens, such as you, understand the reality of these problems and feel compelled to contribute to the solution.

“We can tackle hunger, but it requires a holistic approach to ensure lasting effects.”

Urbanwale believes quality life begins when basic necessities are met. That’s why while observing the coronavirus pandemic, found that people are not just dying just because of coronavirus but also with hunger. If we desire a better world, then we also require better solutions as well.

In order to help the hunger strugglers, Urbanwale started a campaign named “Ek Jung Bhookh Sang

The basic Motto before starting this campaign is to offer support to hungry people during this life-threatening period of the coronavirus pandemic.  Food is a necessary fuel for the body to lead a healthy life. We all know food is a basic necessity, and many humans are trapped in the cycle due to several conditions such as flood, pandemic, poverty, war, etc.

Although the government trying hard to minimize the level of hunger in the graph, still there are millions of people who suffer from hunger day-to-day basis.

Hunger is circulatory and genetic: it affects people's ability to learn & work fully, which can shorten their future lives and plunge them and their families into more hunger and poverty.

As the government has closed schools due to this pandemic, inadvertently disrupting school meal programs. United Nations agencies recently reported that as a result, 39 billion schools were lost, with each meal representing a child who was unable to get vital nutrients for the day. Of the 1.3 billion children displaced from the classroom, about 37,370 million depend on school meals.

Malnutrition and hunger damage a person's health every time they hit. But in the context of COVID-19, these conditions become even more dangerous. People with chronic nutrient deficiencies have weakened immune systems that expose them to more severe and debilitating infections.

As vaccines against COVID-19 roll out, countries run the risk of returning to a flawed state if they fail to devise recovery packages that address multiple crises at once. Without immediate intervention, the global food crisis will only worsen in the coming months and years, threatening millions of lives.

Urbanwale “Ek Jung Bhookh Sang” is an innovative campaign that could help improve critical nutrition and nourishment safety indicators in high-risk areas of the country.

How you can become a partner In The Campaign “Ek Jung Bhookh Sang”?

It’s very simple and easy to join this innovative campaign “Ek Jung Bhookh Sang”. You can connect with us through various mediums like social media connections such as (Facebook/Instagram), web portals, or applications. You can have access to our web portal just by searching as Urbanwale or can use this link www.urbanwale.com if you face any technical issues while connecting with the website, you can follow us on Facebook/Instagram. Apart from this, you have one more way to connect with us is the Urbanwale android application. You can download this application from the Google Playstore. If you download this application, you will stay updated with our single move.

Single Step Towards Hunger Sufferers

Your single step can help someone to have satisfied the hunger of someone. And you know feed someone is one of the greatest blessings you ever get. To be with us in this campaign you just need to hire our basic home services such as
Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances repair & installation, Cleaning, Pest control, SanitizationFruits & Vegetables, Meat, chicken, fish delivery, etc.

About 1% of service charges will be used for hunger sufferers. You can even have the right to know that how we have used your service charges to increase the trust level. If you hire services from Urbanwale it will be going to benefit in two-way first you will feel comfortable & relax as you can book our services easily by using our website, social media handles or application, secondly, you will able to help thousands of hungry people.

It is a fact; these are common home services that people need at some point of time. So come up with this innovative idea to help hunger victims with some percentage service charge. Here customers will be benefited as they will enjoy the luxury of home services and will be able to help and support the hunger victims. This campaign is not going to put extra burden on your budget, you will be able to contribute along with the service charges that you usually pay while renting home services.

In addition, Urbanwale is one of the trusted brands in Jamshedpur for its quality and affordable services. We don’t compromise with the quality because we believe customers should get what they deserve. Our services are quite affordable you can experience the luxury of our home services quickly. Our team consists of verified and qualified people, who consistently work to meet the needs of the customer in the best possible way. It’s the main reason most people love to take services from us.

So, guys make use of this great opportunity because your single step can help millions of people and able to have them healthy food. Let’s act together to support hungry people.


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