The Beauty of Steel City Jamshedpur That You Should Know It

Posted Date: 10/08/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Jamshedpur can forever be marked as the steel city of India, but many people are not aware that it is slowly reviving the interests of tourism, technology, food, and adventure sports. Although there are steel mills in many cities of India, Jamshedpur in Jharkhand is known as the "Steel City of India" because Tata's first steel mills were located here. In India, it was the first industrial city and almost the entire city works in the steel industry. It started as a small village and is now one of the best planned and busiest industrial cities in India.

Steel City Jamshedpur is mainly an industrial city with many Tata offices and great tourist attractions that attract crowds of visitors every year. The city, endowed with natural beauty, is surrounded by many beautiful waterfalls and lakes. Located in the confluence of the Kharkai and Subarnarekha Rivers, the city has national parks, tranquil lakes, picnic areas, and wonderful flora and fauna. There are also historic religious buildings. The peaceful and gentle city of Jamshedpur is an oasis for those seeking peace and relaxation.

This city comprises of striking and eye-catching rivers like Subarnarekha, which borders Jamshedpur in the north. But when we talk about the western part, it is covered by the Kharkov River. Simply put, Jamshedpur is surrounded by beautiful rivers. If you visit here, you will learn a lot of interesting and fascinating things about this place.

Whenever you plan a visit to Steel City Jamshedpur must add below given exciting tourist spots to your list-

Dimna Lake

Lake Dimna is worth a visit for its lush vegetation. Many locals and tourists come here to watch the sunset, a beautiful sight in this serene setting.

The lake is ideal for picnics, where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the tranquility and tranquility of nature. It is best to avoid visiting Dimna Lake during the rainy season.

Dalma Hills

From the Dalma hills, tourists have a wonderful panorama of the mountains, and their clean and fresh air is a tonic for the crowded urban environment. Surrounded by greenery, the hills are ideal for hiking and adventure climbing.

Access to the mountain is quite easy, can be reached by road. Bring your own refreshments and water as there are no shops near the hill.

Tata Zoological Park

If you are planning family trip then Tata Zoological Park is the wonder place. There are many animal species in the zoo. At the zoo, you will find tigers, leopards, snakes and more. The zoo also has a variety of plant species.

A tour of the zoo can be booked at the office. Please be aware that the zoo closed after 5Pm and there is an additional cost to transport the premises to the zoo.

The Tribal Culture Centre

Local artists and performers come here to demonstrate their skills. The cultural center hosts various programs, such as dance concerts, theatre and music.  The participation fee varies depending on the type of show. There is also vocational training that teaches local residents in independent skills.   

Here we are listing some amazing start-ups that are taking this city to the greater heights-

Digital minds

Jharkhand's Utkarsh Ayush founded his own business, Digital Minds, to target clients in the political space, especially parliamentarians and local leaders. The company helps them build a portfolio, create content, build digital platforms and implement standard operating protocols, geographic data analysis (Vidhan Sabha / Lok Sabha), reputation management, technical training, and technical assistance at all levels of the pyramid. IIM graduate Utkarsh Ayush founded Digital Minds Media Services in 2019

Puresh Daily

Jharkhand is also an abode to Daily Puresh, the start of the milk revolution in Ranchi outside the main area. Manish and Piyush, an IIM graduate who has held senior positions in 14 countries, has returned to his home state of Jharkhand to solve a major problem: access to chemical-free milk.

Manish started this startup in 2019 with his childhood friend Aditya Kumar. The startup offers natural cow’s milk and non-dairy products. When they started the business, the founders left comfortable jobs, learned to vote, sold software, and also became a milkmaid to understand the dairy business.

The two men have invested LTL 10-15 million in start-up capital for family and friends. To ensure nutritious milk, Puresh Daily grows vegetables and Meat to feed on her farm. Puresh now has a group of about 80-100 cows and 40 people. Puresh collapsed even in the first six months of its operation, and profits were returned to the company.


Ranchi is also an abode to the hi-tech company Grid, which seeks to efficiently manage data in traditional companies like mining, manufacturing, infrastructure development, and more.

Working with large technology companies, Shaurya Poddar, Aayush Agrawal, Shreyansh Jain and Udit Poddar realized a big difference in the way technology companies manage their business and data in relation to traditional vertices like mining, manufacturing, infrastructure development, and others control these operations. As a result, in 2017 a consulting firm was established. Registered under the name Pragyaam Data Technologies, there was finally a B2B SaaS company called Grid in 2019.


Another Steel City Jamshedpur-based startup is Urbanwale. It is one of the fastest-growing startups as it is fulfilling the basic requirement of the people. There are some basic home problems from which every homeowner suffers at some point in time such as plumbing, electrical,
cleaning, home appliances repair and installation, pest, painting, sanitization, fruits & Vegetables, raw meat and many more. These are the basic services that require by each one of you but people usually struggle a lot to find a verified and qualified technician but now Urbanwale really makes it as easy as eating a piece of cake. All you just need is the android application Urbanwale on your mobile and you can book any home services at the point in time. Here you get professional services at a reasonable price. Therefore, Urbanwale adding beauty to the steel city Jamshedpur as we are making effective use of technology to make people’s life easier. You can have access to Urbanwale home services through social media channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedln, etc.

These are some startups who are really working tirelessly to make Jamshedpur city a golden city that is desired by everyone. Today, each Jamshedpurians feel proud of having above mentioned startups because they are working to make them easy and comfortable.


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