Checklist to Get Your Home Ready for The Upcoming Festival?

Posted Date: 23/09/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Festivals are great occasions. They bring new emotions and excitement. These are the only times when friends and family visit us. Organizing a celebration at home is important. Creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere will appeal to everyone who visits your home. A well-designed and well-planned home contribute to a calm and spiritual atmosphere.

Je! Do you think your house is completely ready?

Organizing a celebration at home takes a lot of effort. Every member of the family should contribute to making the home look nice and ready for guests. At any time, your home should be ready to invite any number of guests. Preparing your home for the festivals begins with regular or deep cleaning and ends with painting or lighting. But that is not enough. An organized list can help make the task easier.

Here we are presenting a checklist to get your home ready for the upcoming festivals.

Cleaned & Organized

The first step to a festive house is to keep the house clean and organized. Preparing for the festivals begins with cleaning the house. As they say, purity is almost godly, and festivals are a great time to purify the source and clean up the mess. Every wall and every corner is carefully cleaned. Carpets and sheets are washed and changed. As a rule of thumb, if you haven't used household items in the past couple of years, you probably won't need them at all. From cleaning carpets to cleaning air conditioning pipes, waxing the stove, cleaning kitchen sinks, and disinfecting pillows, look for places where you wouldn't normally clean them. Purity is the main motto of any festival. The spiritual coefficient increases. So make sure your home is clean inside and out.

Deep cleaning of the house is not as simple as it seems as it is a hectic and tedious job, especially for working couples. The company gives holiday just for making celebration not for cleaning a house. So what to do? Not to worry anymore because when Urbanwale is here to guide you. Urbanwale offers cleaning services in different formats such as carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, bathroom cleaning, or kitchen cleaning. Even you can book common regular cleaning and professional deep cleaning as per your requirements. This will add luxury to your living and also share your shoulder workload. So take a step ahead and book cleaning services to get your home ready for festive times!

Painting and retouching

You wouldn't believe the dramatic transformation that a good coat of fresh paint can produce. And surprisingly, it's very easy to do and doesn't take as long as you might think ... well, at least the one we're suggesting isn't. Walls play a big role in the look of your home. Peeling paint, cracked and yellowed walls make your home tired. A simple coat of paint can be crucial to the festive season. If you are in the mood for a big change, consider making a statement with a solid colour wall or a printed wall to light up the room.

If you didn't paint your full house like everyone else before Diwali, this is the best tip in the book. Focus on a small, key area or piece of furniture that you think will shine or have the most impact after a paint job. For a quick update, breathe new life into your old cabinet or shelves with a new color. Painting the inside of the shelf a different colour than the outside will definitely add depth, but it will also add a lot of styles. If you are still confused you can take consultation from Urbanwale expert painting team. We offer high-quality painting services throughout Jamshedpur. We will guide you regarding colour scheme and object placements.


Decorative lights are an important part of home decor, so clean them up, look for dead batteries, fuse bulbs, or tangled strings. Festivals are happy times, and filling your home with light adds warmth and joy. The dancing magic lights look magical, especially if you miss out on the extremely bright options. Choose a classic white or yellow garland instead. Add something new to your light with a range of DIY projects, such as making nifty, lit colored paper balls and simple origami. Decorative crafts and candles in elegant candelabra create a soft atmosphere. Have windows cleaned and house plants beautified, because lights draw attention to them. Put a cheerful garland on the door or hang elegant silver bells to make the door welcoming.

  • The tree is usually the focal point of the room so decorate it in a style that goes with the rest of your home. Leave room for the people
  • Go there and admire the tree balls and hangings. Tie up trailing wires to avoid tripping hazards or fire hazards
  • Knitted throws and lots of pillows in cheerful colours or glittering fabrics bring warmth to the seating area
  • Whether you choose the toran of fabric on the doors, the floor-painted rangoli patterns, or the floral decorations. Our only suggestion would be to avoid sticky plastic decorations as they are bad for the environment.

You can even look for lighting decoration services; there are various service providers who offer decoration services on festive occasions. Even you can call Urbanwale for lighting services.

Organize Inventory

  • Check your inventory of all the pots, pans, ladles, dishes, and platters you need.
  • For leftovers, organize microwaveable containers for the refrigerator or environmentally friendly disposable containers for guests.

We hope, this checklist will guide you to make your sweet house beautiful and welcoming for guests. If you need any help regarding cleaning, painting, and lighting services, Urbanwale can help you. We offer services at an affordable price. Our team consists of verified and qualified people who understand their job very well. To book services download the Urbanwale app from the Google Play store now!


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