Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Home Delivery In Jamshedpur From Urbanwale

Posted Date: 28/05/2020
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As you all know that take a step outside of your home can be dangerous in this critical time period of Coronavirus. Urbanwale care for you that’s why came up with the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Home Delivery option. You can easily book your essential services by using the Urbanwale Application.

If you buy fruits and vegetables from local vendors the freshness is not guaranteed because people are going less to the markets so in markets no fresh fruits and vegetables are available. There are a larger chance of coronavirus infection as you came across the more number of people. So it is better to buy online fruits and vegetables.

Contact Urbanwale To Get Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Home Delivery

You must be thinking why we only choose Urbanwale to deliver fruits and vegetables at your doorsteps? So you no need to worry at all as we going to give you some genuine reasons to choose Urbanwale services.

•    Freshness
Freshness is the main concern of consumers when they buy fruits and vegetables from supermarkets. So we want to tell you we deliver fruits and vegetables directly from the farm. We ensure before delivery of the product that it is good in quality. And when you buy from local vendors their items were already two-three days older and they make you convinced that they are selling fresh items by sprinkling lots of water.

•    Wide Range of Choice
We offer a wide range of choices of fruits and vegetables. We give access to each and every type of fruit and vegetable to our consumers. It doesn’t matter whether you want seasonable or non-seasonable fruits. We give both kinds of fruits and vegetables organic or non-organic. So the choice is yours what you want for us. If you buy from the market then you need to roam around several shops then you get what you want. But here at a single platform you get everything that you wish for.

•    Cost-Effective
We offer fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price. So that you can easily afford it. As we directly deliver from farms so there is no role of mediators. So you need to pay only the fair price of the products. If you buy from supermarkets then you need to pay some extra charges for supplier and retailer compensation. Hence, you can save money as well when you choose Urbanwale for the fruits and vegetables home delivery.

•    Services Available At Customer Convenience
Customer satisfaction is the sole priority for Urbanwale. We make sure that our customer feel happy with our services. That’s why we always takes confirmation from our customer doing any changes. We keep full transparency while providing services. So when you hire services from Urbanwale, you feel free from external force. And you take your decision independently and we work according to our client’s recommendations.

•    12x7 Services
When you choose Urbanwale there is no need to bind yourself in a particular time period because we are available in your services 12x7. When you buy products from supermarkets. You are restricted to a specific time period during that time only you can have access to the services. But in the case of Urbanwale you can address us according to your requirements.

•    Hygienic And Sanitized
Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, our delivery team makes sure that products should be sanitized. Keeping in mind your health we use organic methods to sanitize fruits and vegetables before delivery like salty water wash, lukewarm water wash, or some other methods. We avoid chemical sanitization because it can cause harm to your health. So it is the ultimate advantage of choosing Urbanwale Fresh Fruits and vegetables home delivery services.

•    Timely Delivery
We can understand delay delivery create irritation and frustrations in the consumers. So we make sure that our clients receive an on-time delivery. And if we have little intuitions about late delivery we inform the client beforehand. So that consumers do not get dissatisfied with our services. We don’t give timing according to our choice but ask customers themselves that when they want their items at their doorsteps. It really makes our job interesting and our customers also feel happy in terms of services.

•    Create Bond Strong
The best part of Urbanwale services is that we don’t follow rigid formalities. But we believe in making our customers feel comfortable and relax. The main advantage of this characteristic is that if client face any issue related to service, they contact us without hesitation and we also try to resolve issues as soon as possible. Hence, it creates a healthy environment.

•    Flexible Mode Of Payment
Every wants payment mode to be simple and easy. So we offer a wide range of choices among means of payment. You can any of the following as per choice like credit and debit card, google pay, Paytm, bank transfer. So you no need to take a tension at all. We create full transparency and don’t leave anything unclear. 
These are some ultimate characteristics of Urbanwale fresh fruits and vegetables Home delivery that tempt you to try once. If you need any kind of home care services you can visit or call us - 91-7061265929


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