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Posted Date: 01/06/2020
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Urbanwale, a newly emerged start-up, brings together all home care services on a single platform. The team is consists of professionals and experts. We provide a wide range of home services to make life easy for the working class. You can hire Urbanwale services very easily by using the Urbanwale website or application. We are the solutions of your all home-related problems. We are just one tap away. So if you want any help regarding home care. Get in touch and let resolve together.

Our services include home maintenance and repair services. We offer on-demand services as per customer convenience. So if you are looking for trustworthy home services then you must choose Urbanwale and have rare experience. As you know rare is real.

Here is the list of home services that we are providing from the last few years successfully and making people’s life easy.

Cleaning Services

Your home deserves to stay clean. Due to various reasons people are not able to take out time for cleaning stuff. So now you don’t need to take tension when Urbanwale is here. As I mentioned above that Urbanwale is a platform from where you can hire home care services at a reasonable price. The best part of our services is that we work according to customer requirements. We provide two types of home cleaning services. It is a regular or deep home cleaning.

           Regular and deep cleaning are quite different from each other regular cleaning includes daily routine cleaning. Deep cleaning capable to keep home clean for a long time. If you want a particular division of your home to be cleaned then also we make us available.

Under cleaning, we provide the following home services

•    Kitchen deep cleaning
•    Full house deep cleaning
•    Bedroom deep cleaning
•    Bathroom deep cleaning
•    Bathroom basic cleaning
•    Water storage Tank cleaning
•    Carpet cleaning
•    Regular home cleaning
•    Car Washing and cleaning
•    Wooden furniture Shampooing
•    Sofa shampooing
Plumbing Services

It’s really difficult to live with leaking and broken taps, pipelines cracks, low-pressure water taps. Although there are various local plumbers who can fix these problems. But they are not experts and professionals that’s why these problems keep occurring even after the plumber fixed them. And repeated repair cycle for a particular issue causes you high capital loss at last. So now don’t wait your time and money on an unprofessional plumber. Hire skilled and certified plumber from Urbanwale and get a permanent solution for all your plumbing issues.

We also provide corporate and commercial plumbing services as well. I hope you can understand how small cracks in the pipeline affect major buildings adversely. So it is essential to get repair plumbing issues immediately to avoid major loss.
We provide the following plumbing home services at an affordable rate.

•    Tap Installation and replacement
•    Tap Repair
•    Leaking Solutions
•    Sink Repair
•    Shower repair
•    Wash Basin Installation and repair
•    Flush Tank Repair
•    Sanitary setting
•    Washroom Toilet settings Replacement or Installation
•    Pipelines issues.

Electrical Services

Electricity is one of the essential services of the modern world. As a major appliance of our homes runs with the electricity supply. Even for the water supply also we need a good electrical setting. As it made our life so easy but it equally asks for precautions and safety measures. As the inadequacy can cause life-threatening issues. So we recommend you hire an electrical professional from Urbanwale because our team consists of professionals electricians who are good at diagnosing the root cause of the problem and fix the problem in lesser time in comparison to regular electricians.

These are the following electrical services we offer

•    MCB Installation & repair
•    Fan Repair
•    Ceiling Fan installation and setting
•    Inverter Installation and repair
•    Fix Short- circuit issue
•    Light setting
•    Door Bell Installation
•    Meter-fitting
•    Wiring setting

Carpentry Services

Urbanwale believe that carpentry needs expertise and creativity as well. We all want our home to be well-furnished. And everyone has different designs in their mind, a carpenter should be good at creating things as per your requirements. It is a fact that ready-made wooden furniture is not long-lasting and the wooden quality is not up to the mark. So we take care of all these things and believe in offering quality services.

    There is no need to create a search for a carpenter in the local market. Just takes your mobile phones and address your requirements for the Urbanwale. Here is the list of services we provide at your doorsteps.

•    Door repair
•    Furniture Installation and repair
•    Lock Repair
•    Minor work like fix broken doorknob
•    Other carpenter work

Pest Control Services

To stay healthy pest-free home is essential. Some common pests like cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, germs, rats, mice, lizards, roaches, bugs, flies, rodents, etc live in our house like it’s their home. Some people take them casually but they spread various diseases and create an unhealthy environment. These common pests mostly live in sensitive areas like the kitchen and bedroom they are the carrier of infection. It is necessary that you hire a pest control service twice a year to avoid unwanted diseases. They do not cause harm to human beings but also damage the essential items of your home.

These are the Following pest control services that we provide at your doorsteps.

•    Residential Pest Control
•    Commercial Pest Control
•    Termite Control
•    Bug control
•    Cockroach control
•    Rodent control
•    All other pest control

Appliances Maintenance and Repair Services

Installation is an easy task but keeping an appliance maintained is a hectic task. As we forget to do little things that increase the life span of life. Due to carelessness we end up having money loss or replacement options. There are various appliances that seriously need your attention. And these are big investments. Such as cooler, air conditioning, washing machine, RO, refrigerator, Geyser, Oven, microwave, etc.

  It doesn’t matter which brand of appliance you are using, it is important to give good maintenance in order to make use of it for a long time. So if you are facing any issue related to appliance then you should contact Urbanwale.

We offer the following services

•    Ac installation and repair
•    Washing Machine Installation and repair
•    Kitchen chimney repair
•    Refrigerator installation and repair
•    Microwave and oven repair
•    Geyser maintenance service
•    All appliance maintenance service

Fruits and Vegetable services

We offer home delivery service of fresh fruits and vegetables. Order online your favorite fruits and vegetables. We provide multiple ways of payment so there is no need to worry at all. Order online fruits and vegetables and save your precious time. There is no need to waste your time in supermarkets. We offer quality food products at a reliable price. You have full access to all the essential services at Urbanwale. It doesn’t matter you want seasonal or non-seasonal fruits and vegetables as we offer a wide range of choices.

Laundry Services

If you are looking for laundry services. We can understand that washing clothes need plenty of time. And if you are working and single then it’s really a difficult job to do. But to escape you from this situation. Urbanwale offers laundry services as well. So get your washed and ironed at the same time.

Apart from the above services we offer some other services as well. Like Gadgets repair, IT services, Wedding Events, etc. So this a huge platform who is working tirelessly to makes your life easy and comfortable. We are your helping hands. So choose us and let us serve you. To hire any home care services visit: or you can download our application UrbanWale.


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