Essential Tips To Buy Healthy and Fresh Raw Meat

Posted Date: 07/08/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

It is very necessary to pick up food wisely in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meat is a rich wellspring of proteins. Aside from proteins, it additionally contains a plentiful measure of Vitamin B-complex (Vitamin B1 to B12), Vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and Omega 3 unsaturated fats that are required to keep up the sustenance balance in our body. Here we are presenting some essential tips you should keep in while buying fresh raw meat.

Things To Consider – If You Want To Buy Fresh Raw Meat

Check Out Meat Cutting

It is very necessary to check out the meat cuttings when you are buying raw meat. If you are a regular consumer of meat then you must know that the back part of animal meat is more rawness in comparison with the front part. You find back part of the meat in smaller pieces and people usually wish to buy meat of the animal back portion. The second main benefit of buying this particular part is that it takes less time in cooking while the front part require time to get cooked.  Therefore, whenever you buy meat from the supermarket or online keep this thing under consideration. As we all believe choose the best leave the rest.

Meat With or without bone

In the market, you find two kinds of meat with or without bone. It all depends on the personal choice some people love to with bone or may not like. When you are meat you should know about the benefits of meat with bones. Such as it gets cooked in less time as it a good conductor of it. And flame crossed across meat very easily due to which it gets ready quickly. Some chef share their knowledge and told that meat with bones has a better taste. And it’s not very expensive because it gets butcher so easily. Although while eating you need to do some manual job to trim the meat with bone. But at last, it all depends on the person’s choice. 

Looks Matter

It is a very common thing to know, we love to eat food that looks nice. When the appearance of the food is not good even though its taste is good but we don’t love to eat as a whole. So while purchasing meat always go on an appearance. Three things are really important that is tenderness, high flavor, and rawness. It should be free from flaws like faded color, bruises, and it should not consist of a broken bone. Meat should not have blood splashes and not too dry to wet.

Colour Of The Meat

If you are a frequent buyer then you may have noticed that organic meat color is quite bright red leaving poultry one. The bright red color of the meat is the identity of fresh meat. Some point of time, you come across brown, grey, or greenish color of the flesh that takes place due to semi-destruction of red pigment.

Should Smell Good

The smell is another main factor to judge whether meat is fresh or stale. Fresh meat always gives slightly acidic smell while foul meat smells rancid. When you are eating the flesh of animal then you should be cautious about the smell and freshness of the meat.

Assess Firmness of Meat

Another basic factor in order to buy fresh meat. The vital characteristic of fresh meat is that it should not be too soft or not too hard. To test meat on the basis of firmness you can use the tool of poking. When you poke it gets de-shaped for a while again resume to its original shape and if it doesn’t resume then it means the meat is stale.

Buy Meat from Well-organized Meat Seller

It is very important to assess the seller before buying meat from time. Look after the organization and their pattern of work. Don’t buy meat that kept outside on the shelf. Always prefer fridged meat. It can be a host of bacteria and viruses if it is kept on an open shelf.  Never prefer meat that is enveloped in the paper. Always carry it in vapour resisting wrapping materials.

Prefer well butchered

The well-butchered meat you always find in equal size and thickness. If it has not symmetry with one another it means it’s not butchered in a hurry or unhealthy to eat.

Choose skinless Meat

The skin of the meat has immersed unsaturated fats, which are high on calories and can possibly build the danger of heart infirmities. Henceforth, it is constantly suggested that meat is devoured in the wake of expelling the skin.

Follow Food Safety Standard

It is significant that each bundled meat item has a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) confirmed mark on it to guarantee that all food handling norms are met. This is a concrete reason that bound you from purchasing meat from a butcher shop since there is no assurance of hygiene.

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