How To Plan Perfect Holi Amid Coronavirus Risk With Urbanwale

Posted Date: 24/03/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

The Festival of Colors is undoubtedly a favorite of children and most parents. We look forward to this day, which marks the start of the spring season in India. You might be thinking, How do you plan to risk-free Holi in the Coronavirus? But no need to worry when Urbanwale is here to guide you. As millions of people across the country prepare for the Festival of Colors on March 29, health experts warned that people could become "super spreaders", if breaks all Covid-19 rules during wild celebrations.

Once again the virus has started spreading itself to people. In such a situation, you need to be more careful about your safety in a pleasant environment on Holi. So that your Holi may get filled with happiness and you will also be prevented from infection. In this situation, some precautions are necessary.

Experts Opinion On Safe Holi Amid Coronavirus Risk

According to health experts, the current scenario does not allow Indians to attend social gatherings or community gatherings as cases continue to rise and new types of Covid have been identified in India.

Instead of focusing on proclamations and assumptions, people should take precautionary measures and plan for Holi, which is celebrated accordingly on March 29th.

“When it comes to Holi, it's more a celebration of the community and the affinity we share as human beings. As a result, more active cases could exacerbate the current situation, said Animesh Arya, a respiratory medical consultant at the Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute in New Delhi.

Amid the wave of coronavirus cases, Delhi has requested people arriving from Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab to obtain a negative Covid-19 report before entry.

“The new strains appear to be more infectious than the SARS CoV2 strain, so they spread more easily. No data is currently available on the severity of these strains and we will find out in the next few days, ”noted Sareen.

Experts pointed out that an unprecedented blockade and persistent fear of infection had already exacerbated people's stress, but adequate precautions were still needed.

WHO AND CDC Guidelines To Have Perfect Holi Amid Coronavirus Risk

  • A good way to prevent this is to use good hygiene, especially hand hygiene, as the WHO recommends.
  • Another recommendation is to avoid crowded places.
  • In this regard, celebrating Holi in moderation is appropriate because mental is the key to social distance.
  • It is possible for a person to get CoVID-19 by touching an infected surface or something.

The Center for Patient Care has reported the following precautions in this Holi.

  • Avoid contact with sick people.
  • Avoid great meetings
  • Don't ask for help or advice
  • Only drill today into two groups
  • Stay healthy while playing with colors.
  • Avoid abandoned places like malls, markets, and multi-bridges
  • Avoid covering your eyes, nose, or mouth with heavy hands.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water and uses an alcohol-free hand sanitizer, which contains 60-95% alcohol, for at least 20 seconds.
  • If hands are too dirty, soap and water should be used.
  • Take care of your health while traveling and up to 14 days during your vacation.

Follow these precautions and keep Holi safe.

Urbanwale Recommendation To Have Holi Amid Coronavirus Risk

Let's know some tips to have safe Holi Amid Coronavirus Risk

As we all know a huge number of people visit your house to play holi. But you can't predict who is the host of coronavirus. So you need to take some preventive measures to save your family, friends, relatives, and surroundings. Urbanwale is always ready to serve our consumers because we always strive to give our customers the best out of everything.

Traditionally, Holi was played by preparing colors from flowers. However, chemicals and other toxins gradually transformed flowers and herbs into colors. During the festival of Holi, color is in high demand and some unscrupulous traders mix chemical dyes in base materials such as starch, wheat flour, and mica dust to create cheap quality fragrant dyes. These toxic chemicals in holi colors can cause skin irritation like itching & rashes.

Here we are listing some essential preventive measures to have holi amid coronavirus risk-

Avoid hugs and handshakes

Do not put your hands on your eyes, ears, or nose. Also, pay attention to cleanliness. Also, avoid hugs and handshakes. You can protect yourself with these methods.

Many times we eat something during Holly's meeting. They do not clean their hands, but take any food with colored hands and put it in their mouths. But this should be avoided. Keep a disinfectant with you while playing in the Hall so that it can be used if necessary. If necessary, continue to use disinfectant.

It is important to avoid crowds

The Holi Festival is a festival of joy. In this case, people join groups and enjoy this festival of colors. However, given the threat of coronavirus, she plays Holly, forming a group of fewer people. Avoid playing in the hall with several people.

Masks are very important

Playing in color in the lobby, be sure to put glasses on your eyes. This will not only protect your eyes from color but also protect you from any type of infection. At the same time, wear masks when going to people's homes in the Hall. Take care of your safety.

Pre/Post-Holi Essential Services -

Cleaning Services- After playing Holi you get so tired that hardly like to clean your home and at the same time don't love to stay for a long amid these colors. So not to worry, Urbanwale offers the best deep cleaning services. Just book your cleaning services and get relax. We come to your doorstep to clean the home. We make sure to shine your house like a new home and remove each and every stain. Therefore, to experience stainless home after Holi addresses Urbanwale only.

Sanitization Services - You must be thinking about why we are asking you to hire sanitization services. As we mentioned above that coronavirus still here. So you have to take extra preventive measures. Coronavirus mainly spread due to surface touch. The presence of a large number enhances the chances of transmission. Hence, it's very necessary to hire sanitization services after cleaning.

We request you to follow the above-given guidelines to have safe holi amid coronavirus risk.


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