Is your laptop Keep on Heating?

Posted Date: 09/03/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

A laptop is an electronic gadget that becomes an essential part of everyone's life. As it makes our work easy and we can carry this anywhere hazel-free. Although Laptop users face many problems heating is the common problem from which everyone goes through. Users do several things to cool down like the installation of software. But after some point in time, it starts making the same problem.

The main stress of our life that we can’t avoid this particular gadget because it handles all our official works to some personal stuff too. So we can’t do anything to avoid it because it is essential to use it.

We use a laptop without paying attention to the problem that we are initiating. We use our laptop from morning till evening. Sometimes even use them for our entertainment purpose late at night.

Reasons for Over Heating

Continuous Usage

It is one of the major reasons behind the overheating of your laptop. So while using your laptop make sure that whenever your laptop starts heating just stop working for a while to turn it down cool.

Wrong Setting of Laptop
Sometimes without realizing you set your laptop in the wrong setting. For example, you use your laptop on an odd platform like usually what users do they use their laptop in keeping their lap which doesn’t allow the laptop to pass on the heat. Always use a heating pad to control heat.

Use of Laptop on Low battery

When you use your laptop on a low battery it releases a high amount of heat. As the parts of the laptop put extra effort to complete the task. So it also one of the reasons for generating heat.

Lack of Cleanliness
It is also the main factor behind the overheating of laptops. Generally, it doesn’t catch our attention because we keep our laptop clean from outside and forgets that it also needs interior cleaning. As the dust pile decreases the work efficiency of our laptop and starts overheating.

Inclusion of certain Software
Some software needs a good amount of energy to work efficiently. As an outcome, we end up with overheated laptops. Some laptop users are not aware of this factor. And they continuously work with it and cause more damage to it.

Some Don’ts
Do not use your laptop while it is on charging.
Do not keep your laptop on the bed to work.
Do not use the laptop without the cool down panels.
Do not eat or drink while working on a laptop.

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