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Posted Date: 06/01/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Still struggling to find the right content writing service for your website or blog?
Still unable to find someone who can help you grow your blog?
If the answer is yes, then stay with me for the next 3-5 minutes.

I don't know what it feels like to work day and night to grow our blog and get a lot of activity at one big point. Ultimately, we don't have time to write our blog. Shake and it starts going in the wrong direction.

Hiring a content writer for a marketing company is an art, a science and a dream. It takes time, money and patience to find each of its customers in excellent condition.

And for an account manager, it's just a responsibility - you have many others who need the same amount.

Like most people working in the crazy, fast paced environment of a modern marketing agency, you are always looking for ways to act fast and wildly. Sometimes it is quite tempting to sign up for a freelance writing platform, then hire the best person who can apply within an hour. Then cross your fingers and expect to be real.

Trust someone who has done it - the chances of finding the right content writer this way is quite unpredictable. In this article, we are going to talk about some basic steps to consider before hiring a content writer, how to find the right writers.

Tips To Hire Content Writer

Three Main Characteristics Of Good Content Writer

Obviously, the most important thing is that your candidate actually fulfills your qualifications and requirements in the second. Suppose it does, these are the features I focused on that I consider a bunch of world class content.

Credibility - When someone says they're going to do something as important as an important date has passed, I don't know what they're going to do it. You might think this isn't mind blowing, but I guarantee that if you go through the onboarding process several times that I mentioned above - especially parts of the test articles and programs to limited availability - you will find that well, for the most part this reliability is low cost.

General Ability - By this I mean someone who is able to learn new skills, someone who will take responsibility for them, who needs their property and who can write or follow directions. The best test for this is to simply send a link to your blog author's manual to a new author, asking them to check it out, and can give them article to write immediately. This first piece and the way it is delivered will tell you a lot about their overall potential.

Bravery - New things can be scary to try. Especially if a lot of people are watching. What is the nature of creating and publishing content on the web? A blog like ours probably has millions of views in a month. A new post, with at least thousands of views on day one. It can be scary trying new skills in front of new people. Whether it's aesthetic design, post-punk, video, live streaming or whatever. But a great content creator will be able to slowly resist this pressure. Realize that they have to rise to the occasion, at least on the basis of an established status, and then move there.

Request portfolio and work sample

The first stage will be with the candidate's writing portfolio and work models. Do you already have experience that matches your needs? Does the writing style meet your needs? Does the author have a basic idea of the title you want to write about? Does her writing ability meet your criteria? Do their past experiences contribute to the work they do? Exciting writers often put their blog to its full potential. Does your candidate have a blog of their own or have they contributed in the past as Blogger visitors? These details are usually a connecting point for the candidate today and help to create a solid work profile.

Give Task To Complete

The second step would be a test task. An exemplary test task certainly serves as the last call to make a judgment. Provide an original topic relevant to the content your prospect is likely to work on next and give them 1 to 2 days of time to show off their writing skills, by completing the mission.

Take Telephonic/ Digital Interview

Each writer has their own style of writing. Decide which one is relevant to you. Don't just base your judgment on grammar, take a closer look at the vibe, presentation, and relevance of the content created. Ask for a test pattern, this criterion seems almost optional. However, conducting an interview has its advantages. Nowadays, many companies prefer to interview potential candidates over the phone or via Skype, the phone turn. In this round, hiring managers and recruiters select candidates for employment. Conducting an interview can help determine if the candidate seems passionate enough to do their job responsibly, while at the same time realizing their personality and desire to do their best.

Consider above given things if you want to hire right content writer for your website/blog.


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