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Posted Date: 18/08/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

We have all come across these torturous creatures at some point in our lives and some of us literally struggle with them every day. They can be found running around the kitchen floor, enjoying their midnight party when the lights are on. You see them crawling out of your drainpipe, hiding in the dark corners of your bathroom, and sometimes resting peacefully on a handful of trash. Cockroaches are classified as nocturnal creatures and are part of the most common pests present in our homes & other buildings. A question that always crosses our minds is how to effectively kill cockroaches, given that they are speed demons and move at an extraordinary rate.

Why is it necessary to kill cockroaches?

"Cockroaches are harmful cleaning agents in human habitats. – as per World Health Organization (WHO) study. They are known to play a role as vectors of intestinal diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever. "For pest-ridden homes pest control services should be first priority."

Another reason to kill cockroaches at home is that they are known to cause infections of salmonella, staphylococci, and streptococci, by bacteria that trap and store in food.

Cockroaches have also been found to be a source of allergens and asthma. Enzymes found in saliva, body parts, and eggs cause allergic reactions in many people. Symptoms of cockroach allergy include watery eyes, redness of the skin, and sneezing. Children are often more sensitive to these allergic reactions to beetles, so cockroach pest control is an important part of maintaining the hygiene of your home.

Cockroaches have been on this planet for a long time, since the days of the dinosaurs. There is fossil evidence that cockroaches have been around for almost 300 million years. In reality, these beetles have been around for many years, but how hard it is to kill the beetles and they are here to stay.

Here we are listing some effective measures to prevent and control cockroaches -


Cockroaches have been the target of many insecticides over the years, but they have developed resistance to some of them. Attempts to use pheromones as sexual seduction or to sterilize male cockroaches have so far not resulted in practice on a large scale. The following methods have proved effective:

Eliminate Entry Holes

Block the entry sources of your house. Most pests like to go outside until they are hungry, find nothing tasty there, and go through the holes or crevices of a house to enjoy the water and the crumbs of food leftover from dinner. To stop them, use fasteners, steel wool, and copper mesh to fill cracks in concrete works, gaps between glazing and brick, and holes of all kinds, including the spaces around the pipes. Insert the wire screens into the air holes and stop any further entry.

Eradication of cracks

Crack removal is another best strategy. Fill in the cracks and fissures inside the house. It is one of the best weapons against cockroaches. Each time you fill the gap, reduce the number of beetles that your house can support. The beetles will not mate unless they are introduced in the security of a very small space. The 1/8 inch slot is too wide for comfortable thinking.

Redesign cardboard boxes

Cardboard offers miles of tunnels that are perfect spaces for hiding and pairing; glue on cardboard boxes and paper bags is attractive food for these cockroaches. Make sure your cardboard boxes are designed in such a way that they do not leave cracks for the pest's entry.

Use physical traps - such as greasy margarine tubs that contain a glamorous honey stain - cockroaches will enter for food but will not be able to get out due to the fat (or oil) in the tub.

Home hygiene

The best way to prevent cockroaches from growing is to keep your house clean and cut off access to the water they need to survive. Eliminating food and water sources such as leaking faucets, leaks, water, and pet food and dirty kitchens make your home much less attractive to cockroaches.

Use a suitable insecticide and follow the manufacturer's instructions

The application of boric acid has been proven effective in killing cockroaches. The boric acid powder is effective as an abrasive and poisonous insecticide. Ascerno and Hahn (2016) perceived that insecticides with the active ingredients deltamethrin, permethrin, cyfluthrin, and cypermethrin are useful against cockroach control. Spraying should be at precise or specific locations in cracks and crevices behind sinks, cupboards, around drains and plumbing, and other places permitted by the label.

Use of anti-drug drugs

Some essential oils are known to repel cockroaches. These include mint oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil. However, the best results are obtained using synthetic products, which are easier to standardize. For example, packaging or the interior surfaces of warehouses can be treated with appropriate dilution of DMP (dimethyl phthalate) or DEET (N, Ndiethyl-3-toluamide).

When to plan pest control services

So the question is when should pest control support be planned? First of all, you need to start by hiring a professional to carry out an on-site study and determine the degree of infection and the main areas of risk. Second, with a monthly routine, you can get long-term protection and management. Third, if you think there are any unusual signs of pests, seek professional pest detection help. Finally, some pests are acute and situational.

For example, insects, rats, cockroaches, or mosquitoes may appear due to seasonality, cross-infection, or urbanization. In these situations, it is important to seek early and quick correction before the infection spreads and gets out of hand.

A verified and skilled pest controller can diagnose the type, source, and extent of the infection and use eco-friendly solutions to control cockroaches. You can call Urbanwale for effective and professional pest control services. We offer an environment and budget-friendly pest services. To book pest control services quickly you can download the Urbanwale android application.


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