Why Winter Season Pest Control Is Necessary?

Posted Date: 11/01/2022
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Wintertime allows technicians to focus specifically on the interior of a property and spot new problems that were completely unknown to the owners. Particular emphasis is placed on the watch so that the property can be better prepared for the return of the sunny days. Spiders and rodents are a problem indoors during the colder months. In the case of spiders, in particular, webs are removed and their areas as well as other areas where a new infestation is likely to be treated. Rodent activity is monitored in cellars, crawlspaces, and attics to prevent homeowners from seeing any signs of activity in higher tier areas.

Another important winter step is extensive attic treatment. Many pests, including stray insects, box beetles, and carpenter ants, hide and slide in attics until the weather warms up. At this point, they are invading your property, which needs extensive treatment. Dust attics during the cold season will keep these pests out of your home so you won't have to deal with them when spring is approaching.

Don't confuse winter with when you should fire pest control services - it will help prepare you for the warm seasons ahead! Urbanwale technicians are professionals in identifying and sealing access points for pests and using pesticides to create a protective barrier to your home. Winter is the BEST time to fix this barrier as the 3 components that break down pesticides - light, heat, and humidity - play a smaller role during the colder seasons. This ensures a preventive pest prevention program when temperatures rise again.

Importance Of Pest Control In Winter

Without exception, we spend more time within each winter. Of course, you can go skiing, sledding or ice skating in a nearby park with the kids, but the house is hot and you will spend most of your time here. But being in a house with little or no fresh air comes with inherent problems.

You are not the only one who wants to get out of the cold; Insects and rodents love it too. When your home is exposed, they end up in gaps in your walls, crawling spaces in the attic, and even heating ducts. It is not a big problem with ants or centipedes, but cockroaches and rodents have the potential to make your winter an uninterrupted season of disease. I remember one winter when I had a cold that did not go away. It took so long that she could not remember not having it. At the time, I thought it was just the cold that was holding me back from improving. But looking back, I remember it was one of the years we had mice in our house. I never thought to combine the two. In my opinion, rats were field creatures, not cleaners like rats. But it turns out that rats are not much cleaner than rats.

Rodents and cockroaches have the potential to transmit disease and bacteria to their stomachs. If they crawl on your silverware, slip on your plates and get into your food, they will spread these invisible insects to you and your family. If they get into the airways, bacteria in the urine and feces can get into the air and infect everyone in the house. In the city, families fight asthma all year round, but especially in winter, because cockroaches are not only bacteria and pathogens, floating debris from their feces or corrosive bodies also causes an allergic reaction. If you have asthma at home, it can be related to cockroaches.

If you want a healthy family, professional pest control is a year-round service without which you cannot do. Pest control companies not only destroy pests, but also help families close their homes using modern exclusion methods, modify structures, and use limited and specific pesticides to protect exterior walls from intrusion. They give tips on how to keep pests away and clean and disinfect contaminated areas.

If you or your family are battling an illness, it could just be the flu or even the common cold - after all, it's common, right? But if it comes to insects or rodents, you can face long and difficult months. Protect yourself and stay informed this winter. You do not have to live with a pest-related disease. Be proactive today.

Reasons To Have Pest Control Service In Winter Season -

Cold weather will not affect the insects that live on your walls

Although cold can affect insects outside, many types of insects that can make your home inside your walls will remain comfortable throughout the winter. Winter pest control is important to treat any possible infections from ants, beetles, ears, or carpenter ants.

Rodents can enter your home through small holes

The rods can pass through very small cracks in your walls; in fact, mice have been known to penetrate small holes like coins. Because cold weather can cause rats to seek shelter in your home, it is important to install all possible access points to keep rodents out of your home.

The attic can act as a spider shelter

Spiders often seek refuge from the cold on the ceiling, weaving the membranes and dropping the egg boxes at home while doing so. At the onset of hot weather, nets and boxes left in the attic can form the basis for a recurrence of infection.

Winter inspections can reveal pest-related problems

During a severe winter, your pest control specialist will do a thorough inspection of your home for problems or situations that may increase your risk of pest problems will help protect your home and prepare it for others.

Cracks, holes, and unresolved gaps near windows and doors can be a major problem in the spring.

Even if the number of insects is not very active during the winter season, unwanted insects and rodents quickly return to the summer weather. Failure to address any issues that remain unresolved during the winter may leave your home unprotected when the spring is in full swing.

At Urbanwale, we provide year-round pest control to residents and businesses in Jamshedpur. Contact us today to stay pest-free for all four seasons.


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