Most Common Washing Machine Problems and Their Solutions

Posted Date: 04/08/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

The most common washing machine problems are caused by improper use and poor detergent. Some are easy to repair, while others may require hiring a specialist to diagnose and perform the repair. Whatever you choose, washing machine problems are never pleasant, and most households demand that this important appliance be installed as soon as possible.

Washing machines are certainly hard and durable machines, but like all technological components, they are not safe from mistakes. Fortunately, with our helpful guide below, you know exactly what to look out for, and you may be able to solve any problems before they become more serious.  In most cases, after solving the problem a little, you will at least have a good idea of where the problem occurred. This article makes you aware about the causes of common washing machine problems and also gives you DIY methods to solve them.

So without further delay, here are 10 common washing machine problems that you need to watch out for!

Washing Machine Does Not Turn On

There are many problems that can cause the washing machine to not turn on. So first check the main switch to see if the connections are loose or the socket is not working, the fuse is ok, etc. If it does not work, check that the door lock is working well if you have a front load washing machine. If you are new to power and high voltage cables, contact a repair specialist and have the washing machine checked.

Washing Machine Creates Noise

Noise can also be caused by objects trapped between the outside pan and the drum. Items such as coins and dirt are usually removed from the heating area between the drums and can hold the machine and clothes. Be sure to check the clothes before washing them in washing machine.

Over time, the washing machine equipment also starts to break down and become damaged, making loud noises when it is drying up. This can be corrected by lubricating or replacing the fat (or oil).

Washing Machine Too Much Vibration While Operation

The most common cause of this is an unbalanced bathroom or washing machine itself. Make sure the washing machine is installed on a perfectly straight surface.  In other cases, the bathroom becomes unbalanced due to wear and tear. Be sure not to overheat the machine and fabrics to prevent the suspension mechanism from breaking.

Washing Machine Screaming During Operation or Not Working At All

In this case, the drainage pump is defective or blocked. Clogging of the pump can occur due to the accumulation of textile fibers and dirt. Just cleaning the pump and connected hoses will solve the problem. It is recommended to hire a repairman for this task, as this requires disassembly of the pump unit.

Overfilling or Underfilling The Washing Machine

Most likely the pressure switch does not work as expected, this can have several reasons, and either the pressure switch is faulty, there is a hole in the pressure pipe or it has come loose, or the most common reason is that the chamber pressure is blocked. To control the switch you have to blow into it and listen for one or more clicks if you hear them that is fine. Careful inspection of the pipe should indicate whether it is OK or not, while the chamber should be removed and washed to remove it. If you have attached a filter to the water inlet line, make sure that the filter net is clean.

Washing Machine Is Smelling

Although it’s not a very serious problem, mentally it can be quite frustrating. It also affects the main function of washing machine cleaning and sometimes led to corrosion. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to repair and in most cases, smelly washing machines are usually caused by cold washing and liquid detergent.

Together, these two do not mix well and can lead to bacterial and gum build-up, so if you have this problem, change your detergent and keep it ajar after washing clothes.

Washing machine does not spin

The drainage system and spinning mechanisms are connected. The damaged drainage system also affects the functioning of the washing machine. The pump filter may be clogged or the hose from the drum to the pump may be clogged. Carbon engine brushes may display a warning. If the motor does not have a brush, there is a possibility that the motor capacitor has failed. It is also possible that the belt from the engine to the drum is damaged or loose. If your washing machine is carrying too much or too little load, it may not spin. In order to fix this issue to try to balance the load and start again because modern washing machines spin at certain weight.

Clothes Are Torn During Wash Cycle

Nobody wants to see their clothes ruined during a wash cycle, do they? But if you come across this, don't panic, as you may be able to fix the problem so it doesn't happen again. These problems arise due to the presence of foreign objects in the washtub. Then inspect it carefully to see if there are any foreign bodies that need to be removed.

Washing Machine Bounce around

Most washing machines vibrate somewhat but do not panic if you suddenly notice an increase in the vibration of the washing machine or it seems to be jumping, this is a common problem. This may be because the pad is uneven on the ground or the shock absorbers are not attached to the pad frame.

The washing machine does not drain

This is not one of the common washing machine problems, but it is also easy to repair. In most cases this problem happens due to a clogged drain hose, you have to take out the washing machine, remove the hose, and then pour in the water. This can be a dirty task, but it is usually easy to solve a problem. You should also check all the blocks and make sure that the filters are also clean. U can also hire professional from urbanwale for any kind of help.


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