Is Your Geyser Ready For The Coming Winter Season or Do You Need a Geyser Repair Service?

Posted Date: 25/10/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

As winter approaches, it is a good idea to check the condition of the geyser and prepare it for cold days. In winter, hot water becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. We have summarized common problems and presented the complete guide to troubleshooting geysers. Please note that we only present geyser repair issues for electrical geysers. Gas geyser repair problems are diverse and quite complex and must be handled with care.

We list some common scenarios. It is better to check a few points before planning a repair with the technician. Few examples, such as proper geyser settings, thermostat settings, safety valves, and home grounding, can solve simple problems. If the problem is not mentioned above, there is most likely a problem with the heating element or thermostat. The heating element is in charge of heating the water and the thermostat is in charge of knowing when to start heating the water and when to stop. The most important thing is not to go to the local plumber to fix the geyser. Local plumbers may not be aware of all types of geysers and tend to hack into the problem and find ineffective temporary solutions. It is best to always contact the authorized geyser repair service center. Many brands will send their technician to your home to fix the problem.

Geyser does not turn on

There can be two reasons. First, verify that your electrical connection is correct. If you are sure that the electrical connection to the geyser is correct, the problem is different. Most of the time there will be no indicator light. Many geyser models drain to avoid overheating problems. There is a button that monitors overheating. When the temperature of the water reaches a very high temperature, it can drip. But newer models have adapted to this scenario with the help of a thermostat. The real problem is that there is no water and the geyser has been on for a long time. The geyser heating element can burn and damage the entire geyser. There is a drip safety button/switch in these scenarios. Havells Geysers has such a good supply. But this switch is inside the geyser, so you will need to call customer service or the plumber if it is empty.

The geyser does not work or there is no hot water

In this scenario, Geyser is turned on. You can see the indicator light. It seems everything is right. But the water is cold. There is no hot water. What do I have to do? There can be several reasons...

The water heating element is damaged. It's probably broken or too restricted. In a way, it is corrupt.

The thermostat is a device that monitors the temperature of the geyser tank. If the water is too hot, it will turn off and if the water is below the threshold, it will turn on.

You can configure the thermostat. It is basically noble in the geyser, where you can adjust the temperature of the water: cold, medium hot, very hot. The first step is to check the thermostat level to see that it is not set to the cool level. If the thermostat is marked hot, there is real damage.

If the heating element or thermostat is damaged, contact the manufacturer's customer service department. The brand will send you a licensed plumber or repairer to solve the problem. Contacting a local plumber is not recommended as they tend to hack or gamble to fix. The problem recurs if it is not solved correctly and, in the worst case, the geyser can also be damaged.

Geyser gives the electric shock

First, check the ground connection. If the soil is poor, many devices will give you an electric shock. Typically, a single device does not produce a shock. In any case, it is better to check. If your home is properly grounded and your electrical geyser is still electrocuting you, it is very dangerous. In fact, it can even cause an electric shock. In case of shock, stop using the geyser immediately. Contact the appropriate geyser repair service. This occurs when the heating element is damaged, it has cracks inside. The cracks cause electricity to flow into the water.

The geyser is losing water or the geyser keeps firing

Check the electrical valves on the geyser. When valves are loose, geysers tend to leak water. Tightening the valves should solve the problem. If not, it may be due to excessive pressure build-up. This is a common problem in high-rise apartments because the water comes from above with aggressive pressure. To overcome these common problems, many geysers today are equipped with safety valves. When there is high pressure and the geyser tank cannot keep up, it is common for water to leak out. It is normal for water leaks of one to two liters; you should take the geyser repair service for more than just the leak.
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The geyser always overflows

Older models of electric geysers tend to overflow when thermostat settings allow for very high temperatures. Newer models sized the electric geyser tanks for excessive overflow after boiling. Still, overflow can occur if valves are loose. So look for a geyser repair service.

The Latest: Get it fixed or buy a new one

It is good to fix the problem when it is a minor problem that can be easily fixed. The main concern is that if Geyser gives you a surprise because it is old, given the security risks, it is better to bring a new one. On top of that, if the geyser is very old, more than 7 years old, then the geyser equipment would have been old and there would be a lot of stress on the tanks and healers. Because of this, you can use more electricity to heat the water. Considering the long-term cost of electricity, buying a new geyser online can be a logical choice.


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