Common Refrigerator Problems & Repair Services

Posted Date: 10/03/2020
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Every homeowner uses a refrigerator to preserve food products during the summer season. It becomes the most used appliance by every owner. There is hardly any home that doesn’t possess a refrigerator. As we used it continuously so it creates some problems as well. To resolve your all issues Urbanwale is there. We create a platform to solve all your problems. Where Customers just need to add requirements and they receive refrigerator services at home.

Why we need a refrigerator?

As we are living in a developing society and our surroundings have changed so much and we need something trustworthy tools to preserve our food products. And the refrigerator is the best solution to store food in a healthy way. In ancient times, women used to take various measures to preserve foods. But with the establishment of a Refrigerator appliance, their job becomes easy. In comparison to the rural areas, the urban area is liable to use it.

Common Refrigerator Problems
  • Inappropriate Cooling
The cooling problem is a common problem associated with the refrigerator. Behind this problem, there can be several reasons. Like insufficient gas storage, condenser fan motor, unclean condenser coils, etc. These are complex issues and need experts helps to resolve them. As the fridge runs for hours so it needs some maintenance service for a better experience. Hence, you hire professional refrigerator repair services from Urbanwale.

  • Buzzing sound
Some fridge creates unwanted noise during its process of cooling. And you even search on the internet why refrigerator creates this buzzing sound?
So here is your answer, Firstly the motor can be the reason behind this common problem. Secondly, the condenser blade is another reason. This problem can only be solved after replacement. And a skilled technician only can perform this task perfectly.

  • Leaking of water
Another common problem associated with the refrigerator. Sometimes fridge leak water and some homeowners really get surprised and their mind fills up with a questionnaire. It is not a casual problem but quite dangerous. So it’s better to solve it asap. Improper defrosting is the main reason behind this leakage. Signs of bad defrosting is ice-building inner and outer space of the freezer.  Due to the growth of clog and dust, this blockage takes place. To perform this task you can take the help of your Urbanwale. And easily solve your problems within several minutes.

  • Over-freezing of Food
Sometimes it happens that you find icy layer over your food products which cause due to improper temperature setting. You can solve this problem by setting the temperature according to the weather. The incorrect settings also put fan motor at risk. As it helps in the process of evaporation. Due to incorrect setting, it works on a high voltage and in turn cause damage.

  • Lighting problem
The refrigerator light helps a lot. As it makes a view clear. Even when your refrigerator positioned at a dark place. If the lighting problem is limited to the bulb or Led bulb. You can resolve it just by replacing the bulb. But if there is an issue related to wire supply then you must go for professional repair services.

These are some common refrigerator problems. For any refrigerator related problem schedules your home services on and get immediate help.


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