Is your cooler not cooling effectively?

Posted Date: 27/03/2020
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Best Tips To Increase Cooling Efficiency

Do you remember the childhood of the day when we used to stand in front of the open door of the refrigerator to feel the coolness during summer?  But the cooler really solves these problems and keeps us cool at even 50 degrees. It is important to keep our cooler at good condition for a better cooling experience. Always hire maintenance services from time to time. Cooler is a good source of getting cold air and comfort in the summer season. Even modern coolers provide natural and bacteria-free air. And even run on the low power supply.

In summer, automatically cooler becomes the most favorite appliance of the house. As it provides a cool atmosphere in such a humid environment. People run the cooler day-night in summer because of the over-usage its efficiency dulls away and instead of providing cool air offer hot air.

In summer we search for several ways to beat the humidity in summers. Therefore, here are some tips to increase the efficiency of cooler.

Room Must be ventilated

During summer, the ventilated room is not only the demand of human beings but Air cooler as well. If the room is aired then cooler gives cooler air as compared to non-ventilated. The cooler machine runs on the evaporation standard. The wet cooling pad drenched the hot air and provide cool air. Constant airflow is necessary for air coolers to work effectively. In addition, ventilation helps in keeping the room on even-temperature.

Appropriate setting of the Cooler

Whenever you searching for the place to set the cooler. Just keep the one thing mind is evaporation principle. So always place the cooler on the window setting. As cooler gets most of the hot air so it will evaporate at a great pace.

Put some Ice cubes In The Water

Give some Ice Cube pills to your cooler. It is a very simple method to get snowy air during the high temperature of the summer. Even modern –version of the cooler have a special space to add ice. Even if your cooler don’t have it not a big deal. Just add Ice cube to water. And have better experience of the summer season. This method increases cooling efficiency.

Soaked The Cooling Pad

Another best tip to increase the cooling efficiency is that before using an air cooler, keep the cooling pads soaked in water for some time and then fit them into the cooler pan. Let the pump run to ensure instant cooling while the container is being full of water. As soon as the container is full you can operate the fan. This way helps you to enjoy the cool breeze.

Clean The Cooler Before Using

Always keep your cooler clean to maintain the cooling efficiency of cooler. The cooling pad is the main part of the cooler which collects dirt and dust more quickly. Then it creates blockage and constraint the air to enter. So clean it regularly. Change water every day for the and secondly, ensure that the cooler's container does not leak.
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