Six Important Things To Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier

Posted Date: 22/04/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Water is an essential element of our life cycle. Consumption of Impure water can lead to various health-related problems. So it is very essential to install a water purifier at home. We all know that health is wealth. And it’s the duty of the homeowners to take care of their family members. So this time fulfill your responsibility by blessing your house with the best water purifier. Water impurities are a subject that attracts everyone's attention as it can cause serious health hazards. Due to the increment in water pollution, we can’t use tap water directly. This water has dissolved impurities which little by little weaken your immunity system and create a digestive problem as well. So it is advisable that you don’t use tap or hand pump water directly. First, purify it completely and then use it for drinking and cooking purposes.

In ancient times people used to do various tasks to purify water. Such as clay pots, two-stage filters, up-flow gravel filters, through the cloth, sand and stone filtration, etc. In the contemporary world, with the advancement of technology, we are free to undertake such time-consuming activities. And the drawback of these intensive activities is that we cannot rely solely on it because they only strengthen to remove physical activities while unable to remove dissolved impurities. So we advise you to buy RO water purifiers to lead a healthy life.

To buy the Best water purifier first you should be aware of several important factors. Because the installation of the RO water purifier is not an easy task as we think. Because the market is full of fake brands that make you the convenience to buy their products.  So we suggest that before buying a water purifier first go through the Urbanwale complete guide and end up with the having quality water purifier.

How does the RO water purifier work?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is electronic equipment that is used to remove impurities of Tap water. It has the feature of carbon and micro particles purification.

In RO purifiers, tap water is passed through a membrane that has particularly small holes to filter out microbes and other impurities from the water. Then these collected impurities are pumped through the external channel tube.
It helps to remove harmful impurities from tap water.

List of the Things To Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier

Quality of Water

Before buying a RO water purifier it is necessary to analyze the quality of water. Then only RO water Purifier professionals can suggest a kind of RO that suits your home. An assessment of water is done because the quality of water differs from area to area. Apart from physical impurities, water contains some dissolved germs, which affects personal health. Most of the time, people judge the purity of the water by observing the upper layer of the water. But one should need to take the same care of the dissolved germs as well. The taste and smell of the water also indicated the purity of the water.

    If you keep water in a steel vessel, then soft water never gives a white layer as compared to hard water. It suggests that water contains a high amount of calcium and magnesium. In this case, it is important to have an RO water purifier installation. RO has a semi-permeable membrane to remove the hard metals from the water and instantly change the taste of the water. According to the World Health Organization, the PH value of the water should 7 and TDS lie between the range of 50 -120. And boring water has more TDS, so water purifier is a must for them.

Water Daily Consumption

Every RO Water Purifier comes with different storage levels. So before buying a water purifier, you should do an assessment of the usage of water. If you live in a nuclear family then 15liter storage of water is enough. If your family is large then you need a RO that is capable of filter out more amount of water in a small period of time. Make sure the usage of the water on the basis of the members are living in a home. And also consider the activity for which you are going to use the purified water. So choose RO water purifier wisely.

Create Your Budget

Before doing an investment it is essential to prepare a blue-print of budget. Buying a water purifier is a long term asset. So we suggest you purchase a superior water purifier in one go. Always purchase the RO from a reliable source. In the range of 12k to 15k, you can buy a very good quality RO water Purifier. And even you will get a variety of options.

Compare Purification Technology

It is the most important factor as it helps you in buying quality Products. Become a smart consumer by compare your deals. Purification technology makes a difference because it affects the value of water. On every RO you find labels so read them carefully and then compare the characteristics and analyze which factors really essential in order to receive quality water. All RO water comes with different technology some use UV rays while some have a semi-permeable membrane to kill germs and hard molecules from water. TDS is something that controls the taste of the water. Earlier the RO doesn’t have the system to control the PH value of the water but now the RO water purifier has a special system that balances the PH value of the water.

Check The Authenticity

Before buying a water purifier check the source from which you are planning to buy the water purifier. Always check the authenticity of the company whether it is registered or not. If you purchase your product from the genuine service provider. Then you get a warranty card to enjoy afterward maintenance service without cost.

Assess Power Charge

As you know the RO water purifier is an electronic device. So always check the power mode that how much energy it consumes. Always prefer low power mode RO water purifier.

Quality RO water Purifier keeps your family healthy. So these are the factors that need to consider before buying a water Purifier.


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