Summer is here! Is your (Air Conditioning) AC is ready?

Posted Date: 27/04/2020
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Air Conditioning Checklist

With the advancement of technology, even we can enjoy summer with the installation of AC (Air Conditioning) in our house. As the summer season is coming soon it’s high time to perform an air conditioning checklist to check out whether AC is working properly or not. If you find any issue you can call your friend Urbanwale home service provider for repair services.

  If you too are looking for AC installation service, Urbanwale experts guide you in the best way to determine which AC is good for your home. We can’t forget those days when we have no option other than Fan, and we are forced to face tremendous heat of the sun. But at present, we are really thankful for emerging technology that makes us easy to live comfortably in a humid environment. So we suggest you that before the emergence of summer takes a close assessment of your AC. And let us know if you face any problem related to AC.

     Every homeowner should hire maintenance services for their appliance at regular time intervals. Because everything needs good maintenance if you want to use them for a longer time.

Here we will provide the Air Conditioning checklist which you should attempt before the onset of the summer season.

  • Check Out The Filter
The filter is one of the main parts of AC. It improves the quality of air by removing the dust, germs, grease, and various solid particles. Your AC life span also depends on the filter. So if you want to use your AC for the long term then you must clean after every few months. As you due to Air pollution various disease comes into lives. So AC technologist takes care of this part by using different types of filter to enhance the value of air. So that it keeps you healthy by providing good quality indoor air ambiance.

  • Irritated Noise
Add this point as well in your checklist. As due to several reasons sometimes start making noises which keep you irritated and also create disturbance in your regular life. So you must make sure that AC shouldn’t create any abnormal noise. And if you find that AC is making some unknown noise then you must contact Urbanwale AC professionals to take the assessment. We will diagnose the problem easily and fix them without any

  • Check Cooling Efficiency
Cooling is the main thing that you can’t avoid. So before the emergence of the summer season must check out the Cooling efficiency. And if it is cooling up to the mark then you should contact AC repair services. As AC solo job is to make the humid environment cool and if it is not cooling properly then it is not worth using it.

  • Check Connections
It is a common thing but can lead to major problems. So check the connections properly before turn on the AC. So keep an eye on the electrical unit as some AC takes extra power load to run. And on lower supply decrease the working efficiency. So check the thermostats power supply twice whether it is receiving correct power supply or not. As it can be the main reason behind the non-working AC.

  • Assess Lubrication of the AC Parts
Oiling and greasing of Electric appliances are necessary. If AC parts are lubricated properly then it will enhance the functionality. Irregular greasing of AC parts can lead to a major issue. So make sure that you lubricate the AC parts and turn off power supply beforehand.

  • Regular Clean-Ups
Cleaning is one of the basic factors which you should follow. It’s your duty to give regular clean-ups to maintain its functioning. Like our body, appliances also need clean-ups to brighten up. It increases the life span of your AC as well. The collection of dust and dirt on AC parts can limit its functionality. The cleaning of the outer part of your AC you can do it yourself. But the internal system is a bit complex. So it’s better to appoint a professional for this job. We recommend that you should book AC maintenance services at a regular interval. As it will make your appliance work for a long period without hindrance.

The above-mentioned air conditioning checklist is common that you can observe by yourself and if you find any problem can call AC experts to fix them. But there are various other duties as well to enjoy your summer without tension free.

 The professional's checklist is different from DIY methods/common air-conditioning checklist. If you hire external maintenance services then it has its own benefits. Urbanwale offers AC maintenance services at nominal rates. It is the best option of hiring maintenance services for working spouses as they don’t get time to take care of everything. So no need to worry just address Urbanwale they will handle your worries related home services.

Core Benefits of Choosing Urbanwale

Trustworthy Source

Urbanwale is a registered company. We are a leading brand in the field of Home Services. We believe in offering reliable results. The market is full of fake contractors who do false promises and waste your time and money both. So it is very essential to take services from registered companies only.

Affordable Services

Our services are cost-effective. Keeping in mind the benefits of our consumers. We make sure that they enjoy quality services at a reasonable price.

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Our services are available for consumers 24x7. And after you address we take immediate action and fix your issues. Urbanwale experts diagnose issues very easily as they trained enough in their field.

Quality Services

Our service's main motive is to satisfy our customers. And we are well aware that we can only make clients by offering quality services. We install good quality products. Our team consists of skilled workers. And they all are experts in their particular field.

Your choice only makes you smart. So choose the best and leave the rest. Installation of AC is a long term investment. So it’s your responsibility to give good maintenance. Follow this Air conditioning checklist before the summer season onset.

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