Are Air Conditioner (AC) Safe to Use During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Posted Date: 03/07/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

As you know pandemic coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly. Health experts are doing research on the mode of virus transmission. There are several coming out after having. One theory that came out of it is that – Are Air Conditioner safe to use during the Covid-19 pandemic? It is completely wrong to say that Air conditioning is not safe to use during a pandemic. As indicated by experts, home ACs do not represent any serious threat of Covid-19 contamination, especially when individuals stay inside their homes without any external contact.

Nevertheless, coronavirus can spread at such places that are centralized air-conditioned — for example, shopping centers, theatres, restaurants, corporate offices, etc. "This infection is not the same as an infection that causes regular colds and influenza. It's just that if a person sneezes, a thick shower occurs - this is the point at which the infection gets noticed. Is worthy. A disease transmission specialist at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Sambudh Chaudhary clarified, "It is worth noting all around - it picks up surfaces and can last for a long period of time."

Since coronaviruses do not last long in the air, so air conditioning is less likely to cause hazard transmission. And if it is home AC then there is the least chance of transmission. Health experts say that in places like air-conditioned shopping centers, where a lot of people usually congregate, there is a greater chance that the virus can be recycled into the air in a much shorter time. "

In the wake of the epidemic, Prime Minister Narender Modi has requested people to stay away from heavy populate places as they may come in interaction with someone contaminated.

Sambudh Chaudhary said that if people visit an air-conditioned shopping complex during a coronavirus pandemic, the risk of exposure to coronavirus directly from an infected person is far greater than that found with recycled AC air.

How To Use Home AC safely During Coronavirus?

As temperature is rising rapidly, individuals need to use forced Air Conditioning (AC) and coolers to get some comfort from the burning heat. As there are many concerns about the use of AC and coolers due to the coronavirus epidemic, such as whether it is safe to use AC, and if so, what temperature to keep.

During coronavirus common things even causing serious threats. So it is always the best option to have vivid information about the issue and then take step further. People are from other world countries except China are really wondering about the Are AC safe to use in Pandemic? As I have already answered this question that home AC is safe to use then centralized AC. But then also there is a greater need of taking safety measures to use home AC as well. Qingyan states, “If you are using window or split AC at your home, then you are safe from the Coronavirus transmission.”

If your family member is infected then you must turn off your AC and turn on window AC to block virus transmission. And stay away from infected person till he\she get alright. Some health experts even recommended to take fresh air only and avoid using Air conditioning.

Keep your house window open as it will don’t allow coronavirus to stay for a long hours into the home environment.

Keep your home environment moderate. Don’t cool it to the extreme level if it is very hot. Try to manage your lifestyle at a moderate temperature. We understand that proper ventilation is vital but as per situation, demand tries to keep temperature moderate.

Moisture is also important to keep the immune system strong enough to fight with external viruses and bacteria. When we live around the dry surrounding, our immune system gets low and this unable us to fight against foreign particles. Relative humidity minimum 40% is considered as the onset. And if it crosses the 80% relative humidity level then it neutralizes with the coronavirus. However, there is a larger chance of occurrence of viruses and fungi with a high density of humidity. And this can cause respiratory issues like asthma and breathing problems.

Health Advisory Recommendations Regarding Air Conditioning

To have safe use of Air Conditioning during coronavirus, advisory states that keep the Home-based AC temperature 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. And average humidity should be 40 – 70 in order to use AC at home.

Advisory states in a clear word - "Recirculation of cool air by room air conditioners must be accompanied by outdoor air intake through slightly open windows and exhaust by natural exfiltration," To minimize the risk factor health advisor also gives some recommendation for the evaporative cooler or desert coolers that give viable cooling in hot and dry atmospheres.

Most evaporative coolers don't have air filter channels as unique hardware however they can be fitted to the cooler during or after Installation. It is important to prevent the dust section and look after cleanliness. Evaporative cooler tanks must be kept clean and purified and the water depleted and topped off much of the time, the warning says. Flat Flow Evaporative Coolers, Installed in windows, can adequately cool a room or an area of a room. Windows must be kept open to discharge humid air. Convenient evaporative coolers that don't draw open air are not suggested, the archive says, including that "evaporative coolers must attract air from outside to guarantee great ventilation".

The best way to block the threat of pandemic coronavirus is that keep your home setting completely ventilated with the outer space environment. In order to get proper ventilation, you can make use of two prominent such as mechanical ventilation and air conditioning system. They are best to receive filter air.

I hope this article sort out all your doubts related to Air Conditioning usage. Urbanwale also requests you stay at your home and avoid centralized AC to be safe from coronavirus. Get all your Home services at your doorsteps. Just address your requirement to us and we will solve all your queries immediately.


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