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Posted Date: 13/07/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Air-conditioning becomes a necessity for everyone on summer days as temperatures become harder to bear. Assume you come back home to relax after a busy day. And you find that your air conditioner is leaking water for some reason! Immediately your mind starts racing about the cost of AC repair and the frustration of being hot, uncomfortable, and possibly want to resolve this issue as per priority.

Just calm down and take a breath. We are telling you here that it is probably not as bad as it sounds. Many things can cause an AC unit to leak water, some of which do not require significant repair and can be simple solutions. And this is the common problem faced by many AC users. It is a fact that as long as it works efficiently people do not think about the maintenance and service of AC. But carelessness can cause AC parts to malfunction and you will not be able to enjoy AC services for long. Therefore, improper maintenance of AC sometimes causes the issue of AC leaking water.

Let us find the best solution to the most common problem of AC leaking water. And learn about the many reasons that cause this leakage problem.

Most Common Causes Of AC leaking Water Problem

Water leaking out through the fundamental unit concludes that AC isn't working properly that bringing about your AC leaking water issue. There could be a few causes for the occurrence of such an issue. Let us talk about a few of them:

  • Inappropriate establishment: If you have installed new Air conditioning and is discharging water, the most probable reason is a flawed cooling unit fixing. This implies both the AC and the leakage pipes are not consistent. These disturb the water-stream out of the leakage skillet straightforwardly to the outlet. Sometimes water streaming in reverse or lying at a similar level if not having the option to stream ahead. During the cooling establishment, ensure that the channel is at lower tallness when contrasted with the primary unit, so it permits the water to stream downwards towards the seepage outlet. You can without much of a stretch Hire Urbanwale's cooling establishment administration to assist you with introducing your AC.
  • Blocked Drain Pipe: Dirt and flotsam and jetsam can hinder the seepage funnel of your cooling unit. This will shut the condensate to stream out through the discharge unit. At the point when the water can't stream outwards, it will flood to the primary cooling unit. This will prompt your AC leaking water. Ensure, you clean your AC all the time. The simpler route is to call for master administration from Urbanwale to support your cooling unit.
  • Dirt in the air filter: The air streaming inside the cooling unit can make the AC channels filthy with grime. This can hinder the wind stream over the evaporator loops because of which the temperature of the curls can drop to a freezing level. In such a circumstance, rather than dampness, ice starts to frame over the loops, trickling overabundance measure of water in the seepage dish. The container comes up short on the ability to hold the additional water, bringing about AC leaking water through the principle unit. Climate control system cleaning on a month to month premise to expel the development of residue and trash. An AC investigating aide can manage you to fix such little issues. The other method to do it is by bringing in the specialists from Urbanwale to support and keep up your AC.
  • Low refrigerant/gas: At the point when the refrigerant or the AC gas (as it is more prominently called) spills, it brings down the weight inside the AC unit. This freezes the evaporator loops causing a comparative flood of water in the container.
  • Damaged drain pan: In the event that your cooling unit is old, the channel dish that gathers the condensate, have gotten harmed or rusted. In such a circumstance, water won't gather and will spill through the primary unit.
  • Broken Condensate Pump-If your indoor HVAC unit is situated in your cellar, at that point you will have a condensate siphon for siphoning abundance dampness outside. In the event that your condensate siphon is broken, the dampness from your AC unit can't be siphoned out and will start to spill. A messed up condensate siphon will require a fix or substitution.

Can this be repaired?

Since you know the different reasons why your AC is leaking, you should be thinking about how to fix AC? Indeed, the response to this inquiry relies upon the seriousness of the harm that has occurred. You can understand the majority of the issues. Nonetheless, a few different purposes behind the leakage or no depleting of water can be settled specifically by an accomplished specialist.

How to fix the common leakage problems? (Solutions)

As referenced before, the customary issues can be worked upon and brought to control. Let us discover what all should be possible:

  • Re-establishment: If you discover that the issue is because of terrible or wrong cooling establishment method, you should promptly call an Urbanwale expert for a point by point review and a re-establishment whenever required.
  • Unblocking the blocked channel pipe: If you run over a stopped up leakage pipe, utilize a wet or a dry siphon to stop the leaking water totally. This will discharge the blockage and permit the water to deplete easily.
  • Replacement of the channel dish: If the channel pipeline is broken or damaged, get it replaced as soon as possible.
  • Clean the air channel: The AC channel must be cleaned consistently. After each short span, say a month, you should take out the AC channel and clean it under running water.

Do it yourself or take help from Urbanwale professionals?

Looking for help from an expert is consistently a smart choice. It encourages your spare time, exertion, and cash. A proficient professional will evaluate the issue properly and give the most reasonable arrangement. Urbanwale offers an extraordinary stage for you to associate with qualified and experienced specialist co-ops, who will connect with you quickly and solve your AC leaking water problem immediately.


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