Hacks For Refrigerator Cleaning: Live Healthy

Posted Date: 19/07/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

The main feature of the refrigerator is to keep the food fresh for a long time and prevent food from getting foul. The responsibility of a homeowner doesn’t end with buying a refrigerator. To maintain the cleanliness of the refrigerator is an essential duty of every homemaker. Some people don’t take pains to clean the refrigerator regularly and due to this refrigerator unable to work efficiently. It is not healthy to use the unhygienic refrigerator to preserve food. The spilling of milk, sauces, jams, and vegetables in the refrigerator lead to the growth of fungus and bacteria. It can also affect your health adversely like food poisoning, digestive problems, etc that’s why regular refrigerator cleaning is necessary.

In this article I will cover up to two main things as following:

  1. Refrigerator Cleaning Tips
  2. Ways To keep Refrigerator Clean For a Long Time

Best Tips To Clean Refrigerator

•    Empty The Refrigerator
In order to clean the refrigerator first, you need to remove all the articles from the fridge. Before empty refrigerator do remember to turn off the board. If there is any item you have kept in freezer division then remove them as well. And keep all the removed articles on a safer place. And put a lid over the items so that it doesn’t get infected. Cover the top area of the refrigerator with the kitchen towel. So that you can prevent it from unwanted stains.

•    Soak Trays and Baskets
For easy and quick cleaning of trays and baskets soak them into soapy water for 15 minutes. You can apple vinegar to the water as well. It will remove all the stains from them and completely disinfect it. After 15 minutes soak rinse them with cold water and dried it with the cotton cloth.

•    Get Cleaned
To clean the refrigerator interior you can use any cleaning agent like Colin, bicarbonate. And you can use even a mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water. By using cotton cloth clean the entire area of refrigerator. Like edges, corners, walls, and doors of the fridge. Remove every stain and makes your refrigerator shiny. For using a small corner make use of a toothbrush. Do not use iron objects or rigid scrubbing to clean the refrigerator.

•    Use a sponge and Soft Cloth
To dry the refrigerator shelves after cleaning agents use soft cloth or sponge. It will not leave the scratch on the boards. Don’t use newspaper or kitchen clothes.

•    Re-placed The Items
After ensuring that each and everything has cleaned then re-placed the items back to the refrigerator. Place the trays and baskets carefully. And remember to leave the door ajar for some time so that it gets dry.

Do regular refrigerator cleaning to live healthy lifestyles. We suggest must clean your fridge once a week.

Hacks To keep Refrigerator Clean For a Long Time

  • After cleaning the refrigerator it is essential to maintain it for a long time. So there are some hacks that help your fridge stays clean.
  • To avoid the trays from stains you can spread kitchen cloth over them. And put the cloth under the basket as well. So that it doesn’t leave scratches or layers. You can make use of cling films as well. It will keep the surface clean and tidy even if something spilled. And do replace it at regular intervals. It will save your time of cleaning.
  • You may have observed that when we take out something from the refrigerator some droplets come over the container. So do remember whenever you keep them back in the refrigerator wipe off the droplets and dry it. So it doesn’t create a mess on trays. And it decreases the chances of slipping of articles.
  • Always keep the leftover items in a glass container in the refrigerator so that you don’t forget to use them and it helps to keep an eye on them very easily. You can put stickers as well if you don’t have a glass container.
  • In order to regulate the smell of the fridge, you can use the coffee packets. It will keep your refrigerator free from foul smell.
  • In summer we need more water bottles. So you can bulldog clips to place the bottles in an organized manner in the refrigerator.
  • It happens with everybody some bottles we lost due to the expiry date and we forget to use them. To avoid the wastage of food you can make use of triage boxes and put a sticker over that “eat me first” it will save food. This is a great way to put a reminder in the fridge.
  • Use can use absorbent liners to keep the vegetables in good condition. It prevents fruits and vegetables from bruising and spoiling. It also helps your fridge in staying clean.
  • To organize your refrigerator shelves use a six-pack container. It will prevent your fridge from getting messy and keep your refrigerator for a long period.Label the shelves of your fridge. It will save your time. As you will able to catch them the item you want from it. And it makes your fridge more pretty and organized.
  • Be smart to store the food items in your fridge. Use an organised structure to keep the items in the fridge.
  • Avoid detergent powder for refrigerator cleaning.
  • If you don’t use liner then clean the spilling item immediately. It will reduce your manual power in the process of deep cleaning of the refrigerator.
  • Don’t keep the hot food items in the refrigerator. As it put an excessive load on the power supply and also affects work efficiency.
Most Recommended Tip: To makes your fridge free from bacteria or viruses do purchase disposable shelf liner. It will prevent your fridge from getting messy also. You just need to cover the shelves of your fridge with this poly and change it on a regular basis.

Therefore, these are some quick and easy refrigerator cleaning hacks. I hope you must add these to your to-do list and keep your refrigerator clean and healthy. For any refrigerator repair and installation services address your reliable friend Urbanwale anytime & anywhere.


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