Easy and Effective Maintenance Tips For Water Purifiers

Posted Date: 22/08/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Water Purifier plays a vital role in keeping people healthy by offering germs and impurities free water. Like any other product, water purifier also needs good maintenance. There are people who hardly show care towards the maintenance factor later end up wasting time in repairing services. If you keep your water purifier maintained then it also reduces the repair cost. Therefore, we advise you to hire water purifier maintenance atleast once a year in order to enhance longevity. The main benefit of regular maintenance service is that you hardly face any issue while using a water purifier. It works efficiently and blesses you pure and clear water. Today I am looking forward to sharing some easy and effective maintenance tips for water purifiers that help you to keep water purifiers in good condition.

Let’s look at the Easy and Effective maintenance tips for water purifiers For Efficient Performance

Clean or Replace the RO Filter

The fundamental part of a RO water purifier is the filter and it should be clean regularly in order to get the pure and impurities-free drinking water. As you water contains multiple dissolved substances/elements.

Other than the TDS regulator and mineralizer, the RO purifier, by and large, has various channels like UV chamber, UF film, RO layer, Sediment channel, and the actuated carbon channel. Some filters in the RO water purifier get replace or change at a particular time period.

RO Purifier Filter Change Schedule – If your water purifier is under the guarantee period then expert visits your home once at regular intervals and cleans all polluting influences or mud appended to their internal covering from your water purifier.

Also, you should make sure that the filter should get replaced with another once at regular intervals. Particularly if your water source has higher TDS levels. Normally, these RO filters are changed by the expert technicians and you don't need to stress over it as long as your appliance is under guarantee or warranty period.

A water purifier, by and large, has three to five filtration stages. The channels should be changed occasionally as they become loaded up with polluting influences and quit working.

The pre-sifting stage comprises a channel cartridge that leave out sand and different residue. The pre-sifting stage keeps the converse assimilation layer from getting harmed. You should change the pre-channel cartridge in every six month time interval.

The second period of the filtration procedure is a carbon channel that evacuates chlorine and terrible odour. Chlorine additionally conceivably harms the RO layer and should likewise get changed intermittently, after each six to nine months.

The third stage is the opposite assimilation stage where the leftover dregs are rejected from the film and depleted. Either do it without anyone's help or call RO specialists from Urbanwale to fix this. The state of the RO layer likewise relies upon the nature of your local water supply gracefully.

Replacement RO Membrane

Generally, RO purifiers are the most utilized electronic device at the house and they utilize the RO Membrane innovation in order to decontaminate the bore well water, which as a rule has high TDS content.

During the purification process, water passes through RO membrane and it collects all the dissolved impurities and completely disinfects water. As it plays one of the vital function of purification. Due to this, sometimes membrane pores get blocked as dust gets collected and block water flow. Therefore, the user must give extra care towards it.  If you don’t pay attention then drinking water results in a foul taste.

So we advise you if you face any such issue in getting filtered water, then you must address experts to change the RO layer with another one quickly.

Don’t Avoid Drips or Leakages

Is your water purifier having water leakage? Don’t ignore it if it is there. Contact the Water purifier experts quickly to educate them about the leakage or drips issue and get it fixed at the right time as it can damage other parts of the water purifier due to moisture.

Water purifier leakage implies about the over-working of the purifier. Consequently lessening the life expectancy of its filters and parts superfluously. It is one of the effective maintenance tips for water purifiers.

Keep The Exterior Space Of water purifier clean

So as to make your water purifier last more, for around 12 to 15 years, you have to maintain its cleanliness. Utilizing some foamy water from the outside of the water purifier consistently. Likewise, ensure you continue cleaning the tap that is appended to the water purifier frequently.

At Urbanwale, you can discover experts who might go to your home and give the essential assistance to increase the lifeline of your water purifier. There are some DIY methods but sometimes these things can cause severe damage to your property.

Make Use Of Softener For Extra Efficient Functioning

Softeners are a very good option for water purifiers. May you know the RO membrane is quite delicate in nature in front of harsh elements of water like calcium and magnesium? If you install the softener with the RO water purifier membrane then it extends work efficiency and offers you pure and hygiene drinking water. Installing softener is not an easy task to do. Some people try to do it by yourself and they end up wasting time and energy but do not able to fix it appropriately. So we advise you to call Urbanwale Professionals to install Softener for extra efficient functioning. 
Get the RO Serviced Regularly

In order to have a regular supply of pure water, do not forget to hire RO service regularly from the well-trusted organization like Urbanwale. During the guarantee time frame, most of the RO Water purifier service providers offer free replacement of parts and we suggest you don’t miss the free maintenance check-ups.

Clean RO Tank Frequently

We highly recommend you to clean the RO tank simultaneously while replacing the filters. It will make your water purifier free from contaminants that may cause a health risk. Likewise, this will extend the life of the filters and contaminants don’t affect the purifier performance.
These are some easy and effective maintenance tips for water purifiers. And for RO water purifier installation and repair address Urbanwale anytime.


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