How To Choose The Right Geyser For Your Home This Winter?

Posted Date: 12/10/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

As the winter season arrives, geyser becomes the significant appliance of the home. No one loves to take bath with the cold water in the chilly winter. If we take shower with warm water then it keeps our body temperature clean and cosy. This is the right time to buy a new geyser or to replace the old one with a new one as winter soon will be on the peak. High investment products always require deep assessment beforehand. Choosing the right appliance is a necessity, as we don’t like to buy time and again or it also wastes your tonnes of money as well. It’s a very annoying thing if you have recently bought a new appliance and it is creating problems in very short internals. These types of issues mostly faced by those buyers who don’t bother to have little knowledge about the appliances that they are looking forward to buying.

Smart buyers always prefer to do little research and then end up choosing the best appliance from the market. This is not difficult for other buyers. Here is a complete guide to choose the right geyser for your home. Just require little awareness and surely able to buy the best geyser from the store.

There are numerous types of geysers that you will go to find in the market.

1.    Electric Geyser

Electric water is basically for immediate use as they are capable of warming water rapidly without taking much time. Electric geyser also is known by other names as well as an instant water heater or tankless. This heater works on the sensor board, it observes the water flow with the sensor. After that fire the heating element and offer you warm water. The best part of the electric geyser is that they never run out of warm water.

2.    Storage Geyser

Storage Geyser manufactured with the feature of an in-built insulated water tank. Every storage geyser comes with different storage volumes like from six liters or more. These are the most widely recognized sort of geyser that first require a water supply and then begin warm water at high temperature. Huge capacity tanks consume more space, henceforth not reasonable for little bathrooms.

3.    Gas Geysers

Gas geyser warm-up water with the help of LPG and propane gas and are vitality effective. It is necessary to have a gas geyser next to the LPG gas chamber to give easy supply through gas pipelines. These types of geysers are reasonable for family units or workplaces. They heat up water faster than electric geysers. The installation of a gas geyser is somewhat troublesome, since it requires huge space and different perspectives, for example, a separate connection of gas.


Assess Family Size & Space

If you are single or a couple and require less amount of warm water then you should buy Instant Geyser. These types of geysers don’t possess in-built storage and give quick warm water. Mostly these geysers come with the capacities from 1 to 3 liters. Instant Geyser is an ideal choice for little washrooms, little families, and kitchens. Additionally, they can fit effectively into the smaller. Generally, Kitchens don't need a lot of high temp water when contrasted with bathrooms and instant geyser successfully fulfills all your dishwashing and kitchen cleaning needs.

If you are having a joint or big family and the requirement of hot water is high, then Storage Geyser is a perfect choice as it has an inbuilt storage tanker that can store 6 to 50 liters. An ideal estimated storage water heater comes with the storage tanker of 15 to 25 liters limit can successfully fulfill the hot water need of the nuclear family.

Wide Range Of Design Preference

Another point to consider to choose the right geyser for your home. The new-age purchasers are educated, plan cognizant, enabled, and requesting, they look for more wise arrangements that address their issues as well as supplement their spaces. The same is the situation for geysers as buyers are currently searching for tastefully planned geysers that go well with the design and style of their kitchens or bathroom. Brands these days are thinking of perfectly planned geysers with novel sizes, embellishing examples, and presentations to charm the clients.

Look For Energy Consumption

A 5 star appraised water heater consumes less power supply for warming water and save your energy and add less to the bills. Always install a high rated water heater that is capable of decreasing your month to month power bills. Higher star rating water heater is costly to purchase at the primary spot yet they are proved to be a great deal of cash over a longer timespan. Must consider choose the right geyser for your home.

Geyser Parts Longevity

In spite of the fact that for tonnes of clients, the presence of a water heater doesn't generally make much difference, it is mostly recommended by the experts to investigate the inner space. Never goes for geyser outer appearance and designs. Purchase a water heater that has more chances to run for a longer period and the internal part of which has easy access and replaceable. For instance: instant geyser life is of almost 20 years, in comparison with 10 to 12 years for a storage water heater. 

Look For Features

A proficient geyser always comes with these prominent features a-

•    Adjustable indoor regulator settings
•    The safety valve for pressure discharge
•    Glass-covered warming component
•    Automatic warm cut-out
•    Rust confirmation external body, etc

The auto cut feature of the geyser is very helpful as it not only reduces the chances of short circuit or also saves electric energy. Additionally, it also prevents geysers from burning out and from life-taking. The wellbeing valve is planned in a manner to control pressure naturally.


It is very essential which you should consider while purchasing geyser. Every brand offers a different warranty period. But there is no such brand that doesn’t offer it. Therefore, always look for warranty and remember to keep it safe.

These are the essential things you should consider to choose the right geyser for your home. And Urbanwale is known for geyser installation and repair service.


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