What Are The Common Mistakes To Avoid While Using Washing Machine?

Posted Date: 10/11/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Sometimes the washing machine stops working in between the wash cycle and we find it helpless to find the root cause of this issue. Although, it is a common issue that homeowners face time and again with washing machines. Sometimes this problem arises due to some internal damage of parts but there is other reason as well that lead to this issue of malfunctioning. The wise usage of the appliance is essential if you want to save yourself from additional expenses. It is very essential to have knowledge of the appliance working mode beforehand. Then only you able to use other appliance with washing machine for a longer time span
Today we are sharing with you some useful information that will be going to prevent you from additional expenses. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while using washing machine.


Mistake to avoid # One – Overloading The Washer Tub

Overloading the washer tub is the common mistake that most of the washing machine users end up doing. Although they knew this very fact that overloading can cause damage to the washing machine and it is clearly written on the booklet that comes with it. But no one bothers to have an assessment. In a hurry, they forget about the DOES Or DON’TS and overload the machine. In these cases, users faces big issues in the future and lose tonnes of money.

People need to understand the fundamental base of the machine and the thing that it is created for a specific tasks that should be done in a specific manner. It will possibly perform at its best when it is being utilized according to its capacities. Driving your machine excessively far won't understand anything, as the garments won't tell the truth and will require a rewash. Furthermore, over-burdening the machine will absolutely mean a decreased life expectancy of the machine. A few hints to keep up your clothes washer will go far to guarantee your machine runs for quite a long time. It will possibly perform at its best when it is being utilized according to its capacities.

Mistake to avoid # Two – Not keeping the washing machine on an Even Surface

Another common problem faced by many washing machine users. At the time washing machine installation, some users don’t give mind to put the washing machines on an even surface. Earlier washing machine doesn’t indicate the issue of positioning, but now modern machine comes with the indicator that suggests whether the machine is placed properly or not. Do you know the placement of a washing machine on a surface directly affect the functioning of it? You may face issues in dying up your clothes. If you face an issue like the spinner tub make unbearable noise or produce vibration then your machine placement is on an uneven level. These vibrations can cause heavy damage to the motor or may lead to permanent imbalance. In order to avoid these losses do not place your washing machine o an uneven surface. You can even address your problems to Urbanwale experts to resolve such an issue.

Mistake to avoid # Three – Overlooking the tags

It might be the most developed clothes washer accessible in the market, however it unable to assess the tags yet. You may have observed attached tags to your tops, shirts, sweaters, coats, pants or some other garments show the correct wash settings or conditions for ideal cleaning. If you pay attention to them and follow seriously then you won't risk the garments. Thus, this is an important common mistake that you should avoid. And we surely recommend you to hire washing machine maintenance service at a regular interval.

A decent method to deal with this is to wash a similar types of clothes in a single cycle. Try not to place towels and tops in a similar wash, don't put silk and substantial sorts of cotton together moreover. Something else not to do is to put dull hues, particularly the ones that run shading, with the light textures. You would prefer not to put a red kurta with your whites just to locate the white all splotchy with red color imprints.

Mistake to avoid # Four – Using Incorrect settings

It is one of the common mistakes to avoid while using washing machine. It’s your responsibility to read the instruction booklet carefully to ensure safe usage. It will all your doubts regarding settings and able to use run washing machines appropriately. For new users of washer functions like rinse and wash cycles sometimes create little confusion. Therefore, it is smarter to listen to the experts sent by the dealer and read the manual moreover. Every question of your explain by Urbanwale specialists. Utilizing incorrect settings won't cause any damage to the machine but it doesn’t clean your clothes properly. Recruit a washing machine repairman from Urbanwale.

Mistake to avoid # Five – Using High Amount Detergent

Do you know, using too much detergent while washing your clothes in a washing machine can take away the shine of your clothes and make your garment fabric dull and rough? Even it can affect the work efficiency of the washer as well, as removes the protective layer from the washtub & the inner modules. As you excess of anything, at last, cause damage. So better to keep things at a moderate level.

Mistake to avoid # 6 – Leaving the garments in the Washing Machine For Long

Collecting unwashed clothes in the machine is alright yet leaving them inside after the wash isn't cool. Leaving your wet garments in the machine appears as though a no-harm has done thought, but it can be destructive for the machine. Soaked garments and the dampness in the tub make an ideal domain for microbes and shape to develop. The foul smell is a reward. Take out the garments immediately after the wash and invite 15-20 minutes so dampness wicks away.

These are some common mistakes to avoid while using washing machine. If you consider these damage you save your machine from unnecessary damage, if you face any issue related to your washing machine call Urbanwale anytime & anywhere.


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