Most Effective Geyser Maintenance Tips For Its Smooth Functioning

Posted Date: 23/11/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Home appliance geyser becomes a king a house during the winter season, as no one loves to take shower with cold water due to low temperature. It’s high time to prepare your geyser as winter is coming soon. Otherwise you end up facing unwanted stress because of inappropriate working. There is no doubt that geyser is one of the most convenient and safest approaches to get the water warm up. It is one of the common facts that with the passage of time machine comes across wear and tear. But if you pay little attention to some core things then you can prevent the additional expense of geyser repair and maintenance service. If you want to run your geyser for a long period then must follow these most effective geyser maintenance tips for smooth functioning.

Here are we are mentioning most effective geyser maintenance tips for smooth functioning:

Offer Enough Space around the Geyser

The main reason behind asking you to offer enough space around the geyser is that it will make it convenient for the repairman to fix the issue in case your geyser creates any issue. If you don’t keep enough space around the geyser then the repairman needs to remove it even for a minor job. It will not increase the labor but also enhance repair costs and may cause more damage to the internal body. Therefore, we will recommend you follow this one of the most effective geyser maintenance tips for smooth functioning.

Ensure The Standard Height

The second most important thing to consider during the Geyser installation is the standard height. Whenever a handyman comes to install a geyser ask him to fix the geyser atleast 6ft above from the ground. It will help you to enjoy good water pressure. If you keep geyser on the lowest feet then you face the problem of water pressure time and again. So, become a smart consumer by choosing standard height.

Prevent Plastic Pipes

Another important thing to consider is to avoid the usage of plastic pipes. As this plastic won’t be able to work for a longer period. It will even cause additional expense because plastic pipes cannot run smoothly for a longer duration. Experts always recommend metal pipes in the geyser. If your geyser possesses inner and outer outlets of plastic then you must prefer to replace them with the good standard metal article.

Check Thermostat Settings Frequently

Every geyser possesses an internally attached gadget called an indoor regulator. The indoor regulator keeps the temperature of water at an ideal level by maintaining power supply gracefully in the geyser. The indoor regulator continues checking the temperature of the water and set it as per power supply once the temperature of water drops. The internally situated regulator make sure that the water is warmed till the set temperature.

In the market basically, you will find two types of geyser:

One geyser comes with the internally attached regulator settings that can’t replace while some geyser comes up with thermostat that can be replaced, as it attached outside the body of the geyser.

Geyser possesses a temperature scope of 40-75 degrees. In the market, most of the geyser has a default indoor regulator setting of 60 degrees or high. It means geyser warmed up water till it reaches a temperature of 60 degrees or high. Water warmed up to this temperature turns out to be very hot and should be blended in with part of cold water before use.

The measure of power utilized in warming water relies on the temperature of the water supply of the water in the geyser and the temperature setting of the indoor regulator. More is the contrast between these two temperatures, more is the measure of power needed to warm water. As per numerous energy research work, water that is warmed up to 40-45 degrees is acceptable to utilize. So in case, that you possess a geyser with an outside indoor regulator setting, change it from 60 degrees to 40-45 degrees. For the perfect warned water, regulate the indoor regulator and power supply in a balanced manner. Also, the regulator must be placed in the center position.

Avoid Geyser “On” For A Longer Hours

There are numerous people who leave the geyser “ON” for long hours and even doesn’t take little headache to switch off if it is not needed. This carelessness causes high wastage of energy or power supply. Do remember to switch off the geyser after water gets warmed up. If you don’t switch off then you may end up causing high internal damage or stop working effectively. When the temperature of the water is somewhere near specific degrees, the indoor regulator turns on the power supply automatically and the water warming cycle starts from the very beginning once more.

Select Right Size Geyser

Always pick geyser as per your family size. It will not only save your money but also your time. Over-sized geyser takes more time to warm up the water. As you can’t warm up a small quantity of water in a big-size geyser. Therefore, we recommend you buy the right size geyser after taking an assessment of your family requirements.

Regularly Flush Your Water Heater

Another one of the most effective geyser maintenance tips Flushing your geyser once in a year is a simple method to minimize the residue that gathers in your water storage geyser and can limit the productivity of the radiator. Homes with hard water will encounter a large heap of dirt and germs while calcium gets stored in more time. To flush your geyser first turn off the warmer and gas gracefully or electrical switch, if an electric warmer. Associate a garden hose to the drainage spigot, so that flush water runs out. Urbanwale experts believe that leaving geyser unflushed can cause various problems like unhygienic water supply. Remember to open a nearby faucet before flushing out water, as it will make flush out the system smoother.

I hope you surely takes an advantage of these most effective geyser maintenance tips for smooth functioning. Other than this if you face any issue Urbanwale Professionals are always ready to serve you. Just address your issue via call or message


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