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Posted Date: 10/03/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

Imagine that every other day washing bucket full of clothes. We often forget how difficult it will be without our washing machines. All this is a breakage for a brutal awakening.

As this is an expensive investment for most buyers, so they have a good idea to stay for years. In fact, you can take some small DIY washing machine repair tips to keep your equipment and run for years.

Follow the below-mentioned washing machine repair tips to save your valuable money -

Hack #1 Washing Machine: clean it regularly

Maintenance of the washing machine appliance is a process rather than one-off activity and most owners forget to repeat it every time. But those who forget that they can always take care of the machine with a deep cleaning before having problems with washing machine.

There are many minerals and salts such as iron, calcium and magnesium, micro-debris, chlorine, etc. These substances are usually harmful to your clothes and your machine, but the continuous use of equipment without deep cleaning makes it possible to collect such materials as the bathtub and the delicate parts. By being removed at regular intervals, these remains can seriously damage your machine.

You can use a washing machine cleaner, but make sure it's not hard on the machines or not, you will soon look for the spare parts of the washing machine. A good washing machine cleaner costs RS. RS 300 400, which is quite reasonable that you need to use it every two or three weeks. Such an investment will not stitch your pocket, but your machine will surely save no problem for a long time. However, if you keep your clothes impaired after using the machine cleaner, call a reliable washing machine cleaning service for professional assistance can be a good idea.

If you plan to change your device, learn more about the best washing machine brands in India.

Hack #2 Washing Machine - Protecting Finishing

People spend a huge amount of money on integrated washing machines that increase their kitchen. And many things are starting to use as a tablet to keep the baggage at the top of the integrated washing machines. It should be avoided because it damages the outer finish of the machine and causes scratches and wear. The owners must understand that the body of washing machines are delicate and easy scratches. Being a bed machine in a brilliant kitchen will be ruined by the general look.

To avoid this problem, do not use the washing machine to keep things. In addition, clean up the top and sides with a glass cleaner because it does not have hard chemicals. Try to maintain the factory finish of your machine and it will be very good for years.

Hack #3 Washing Machine: prevent the spill and splashing

The residual mixture of dirt, water, and detergent is a common thing with washing machines. Such a scenario is the most common of the upper load machines because you must put the top detergent. This is a universal event, which you use the detergent or the type of software. You can see these spots and the construction clearly above a few weeks to use a few months or tools. You must stop such splashes and wrap and clean the dish seal every two weeks with a light dishwasher cleaner or easy glass cleaner.

Hack #4 Washing Machine: Clean seal

The rubber seal of your washing machine suffers from time. All dust and detergent gather at the spill gasket, mainly in upper load machines. Indeed, each time you open the door, there is an entry in a number of subtle dust particles. These dust particles are generally assembled on the edges of the seal. Being on the upper edges of the washing machine, it regularly suffers from detergent and water and because it does not wet properly, it remains dirty. This is the reason why you do not have to ignore it correctly at regular intervals.

Hack #5 Washing Machine: Protect from Moisture

After using it, open the machine door for a while. Although opening the door for a long time creates dirt and dust inside the machine, it can easily be opened for a few minutes after washing. Closing the door after washing releases moisture inside and creates an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to grow. Open the door for 15-20 minutes and later wipe it down with a towel to dry the moisture.

Hack #6 Washing Machine: Clean Tray

Detergent and Softener Dispenser Tray allow the machine to mix soap and softeners with water and insert them into the tub. This is a fairly clean process. However, there is a gradual construction of detergent and software residues over time if the tray is not long clean. It gives refuge for bacteria and focused toxic elements which go on clothes and also affect the quality of cleaning. Cleaning the tray once a month is a great way to keep your machine free from such pollutants. It is one of the effective washing machine repair tips.

Hack #7 Washing Machine: Choose The Right Detergent

It seems like a strange thing to say but it's really very important. The detergent you are using should not be very harsh. There should not be high alkali substances because they will harm both parts and clothes of your machine. To avoid such scenarios, use a detergent that reaches the recognized environmental standards.

Hack #8 Washing Machine - Cover Machine and Use Trays

If you live in an apartment or a big city, then possibly you had to keep your machine on the balcony or in the area where the dust can easily build. To prevent dust from coming into the machine, buy a good waterproof cover for the device. Wash this cover every 2-3 weeks so that all dust is clean.
In addition, there is a good idea to buy a tray with wheels and a stopper so that you can transfer the bottom floor to the machine. In addition, the bottom part is protected from water and the resulting corrosion.

I hope these DIY washing machine repair tips help you and save tonnes of money. Even then you follow any washing machine issues call Urbanwale anytime & anywhere.


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