How UrbanWale is Different From Other Home Service Providers?

Posted Date: 25/08/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

“Everyone is different in their own way”

The above-mentioned quote is directly applicable to the renowned Jamshedpur renowned home services company – “Urbanwale”. Now you must be wondering how Urbanwale is different from other home service providers. Just follow this article till the end because here we are going to explain to you how Urbanwale is different from other home service providers.

Firstly, we would like to proudly mention that UrbanWale is one of the leading and trusted Home Service Provider. Our main objective is to make life simpler by making home services easily accessible from door to door. Our team works tirelessly to attain this objective every single day! Our job is to satisfy customers by using all means. Secondly, we keep service charges reasonable so that everybody is able to enjoy the luxury of doorstep home services. We want everyone feel comfortable to have access to our services. Our service portfolio includes electrical, plumbing, appliance repair & installation, cleaning, pest control, sanitization, painting, fruits & vegetables, fish, chicken, mutton, digital marketing, content marketing, laundry, and many more.

Let’s come to the point “how Urbanwale is different from other home service providers? “ We know you are really interested and curious know the main characteristics of Urbanwale that help us stand apart from others.

It’s a fact there are several companies who are offering doorstep home services and promising as well that you will receive quality service but you can’t deny accepting that out of them only a few are able to fulfill the promise. Keeping this in mind, UrbanWale is determined to provide quality home services without compromising. With God's grace, Urbanwale is successful at some point because we to date we earned millions of fans who believe we are the one-stop solution for all your home services.

Here we are going to mention key points that make Urbanwale  different from other home service providers

Extensive Choice

UrbanWale is not limited to single home service; here you will find multiple home services like electrical, plumbing, appliance repair and installation, pest control, sanitation, cleaning, painting, fruits and vegetables, meat & fish, and many more. The best part of this comprehensive option is that you don't have to go from here to there for every different service. You will find every single home service at UrbanWale. For example - you need a cleaning service but at the same time your pipe gets clogged and for that, you will need plumbing service, so you will have to give separate time to find the plumber, but in UrbanWale you can hire both the services from a single platform. So, to avoid unnecessary tension choose Urbanwale.

Affordable Rate

Price is one of the main influences behind hiring or booking any service. Every individual has a different budget so keeping this in mind Urbanwale keeps the average cost of every single service so that every single individual finds easy hire services. You must have noticed that in the name of quality services there are many companies who charge completely double. But thankfully, you will not face this issue at Urbanwale. Our services are based on moral ethics that’s why we always make the sure customers feel easy while taking services.

As a common citizen, we understand this fact that how high priced services put an extra burden on pocket or wallet. Therefore, to reduce this pressure we keep the price affordable. This is one of the main reasons most people love to take services from Urbanwale. Our client base is a perfect blend of lower, middle, and elite classes.

Easy Access

Another main characteristic that sets us apart from others is easy access. We offer multiple options to our customers to get in touch such as official web portal, android application, Facebook, Instagram, contact number, email, etc. Customers can have access to Urbanwale home services at their convenience. If you face a problem while booking service then you can make use of another available option.

Simple Warranty Claim

Warranty claim is a common facility which is provided by many companies, but customers find it very difficult to avail warranty claim as most of the companies ask to call for warranty claim. Sometimes, even they do not pick up the calls or give date after date, repeatedly asking for product ID and other information for a warranty claim, then it becomes really frustrating and annoying. Since UrbanWale works with a customer-centric approach, it comes with a super-fast process to claim the warranty. We do not ask the customer to visit the center or call/message/email, all you have to do is download UrbanWale Android from Google Playstore, after getting access to the list of services availed by you, just click on “Reopen Job”. Our technicians will get to your location quickly and fix it again at no extra cost.

Offer 100% Return & Refund Policy

This is another core feature that is a part of our customer-centric approach. Who doesn't love enjoying 100% returns and refund policy? There are many people who feel nervous or confused before making an online purchase because there is a question in their mind whether they can return or get a refund if they don't get the exact product shown in the picture. Hence, to eliminate this fear, we have come up with a 100% Return and Refund Policy. For example - you bought fruits and vegetables from us, and not by chance you receive high-quality products. So, to avail of a 100% return and refund policy, all you need to do is call our customer support. Our delivery members will come to your location to pick up the product or give you the solution as per choice refund or return.

Professional & Skilled Team

We call those people professionals who have received proper training before entering the real-time market. Hence, UrbanWale has a specialized training center where we train our members about communication, work ethic, methods of resolving issues or practical ways to solve customer's problems, and many more. Hence, we can proudly call our members a professional and efficient one who is capable of doing things efficiently.

These are the main factors that help Urbanwale to be different from other home service providers. Therefore, connect with us for a simpler life.


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