UrbanWale Helping Thousands Of Lives By Offering Essential Home Services in Jamshedpur

Posted Date: 01/04/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

The successful startup Urbanwale is serving thousands of lives in Jamshedpur. One year ago, it is launched by the honorable Cabinet Minister of Indian government (Ex-Chief Minister Of Jharkhand) Shri Arjun Munda. It offers all the necessary domestic services at your doorsteps in Jamshedpur. It is a premium platform that includes a wide range of home services such as electrical, plumbing, cleaning, pest control, sanitization, appliance repair and installation, Painting, fruits and vegetables, meat, IT services, and more. You must be thinking that there are several other platforms that offering the same services, so how Urbanwale is different. But I will explain to you how Urbanwale is different from other home services providers.

Like, there are various shopping sites, but you rely more on Amazon and Flipkart. We believe in these two platforms, just because of their reliability and easy order and return services. Similarly, Urbanwale is a reliable home services provider. It is a registered company and serving Jamshedpur people from the last few year continuously. The outstanding growth and client’s review tells us more about their company. It is a fast-growing startup became an inspiration for other startups, as it is developing rapidly. And within a short span, it has become so famous that most people knew about it. Many growing startups are eager to learn about urban development and the founder's secret.

About The Founder

Urbanwale startup founder Mr. Imlak Ahmad is an IT professional. From his early years of adulthood, he wanted to do something that would bring about comprehensive changes in people's lives. In 2019, while assessing his own life, he got the final idea from his personal life only. He found that how little home-related problems turn the environment stressful. To fix issues related to electrical, plumbing, cleaning, laundry, appliances repair we need to wander from place to place. One problem also observed by him that people hesitate to hire online services just because of insecurity. As when we hire online services we have no idea about the person who is coming to resolve issues. And there is no guarantee of work efficiency and even some technicians switch off their contact numbers or doesn’t pick up calls and customer left with no options to contact that particular person again and the consumer ends up wasting money and time. That's why he considers these points before creating a grand home services platform. After having a good assessment, they created a single platform for all the home-related services and only after complete verification professionals get access to serve. Also, create a special help desk to ensure good communication.  So that consumers don't feel insecure and able to enjoy safe services. Urbanwale makes people free from the headache of the searching technicians and mechanics in the local market. Urbanwale makes your money worth spending.

Just shopping online portal he created an online platform to hire home services in Jamshedpur. This platform not only brings an innovative change in the lives of residential and commercial people but also generate employment. And give access to certified and skilled people to serve according to their categories like cleaning experts, professional plumbers, IT professionals, and more. His dedication and hard work enhance the productivity and belief system of Jamshedpur people on Urbanwale products and services.

He believes "Dream big and creates something big". That’s why he does not confine himself to one area because he wants his services to reach every corner of Jharkhand. So first he started with the small arena of Jamshedpur and looking forward to expanding their services to the larger arena. As you know the services they are providing are the need of each and every person. That’s to limit the expansion would be stupidity.

Five Year Plan Of Urbanwale

Due to reliability and quality services, more and more people want to hire Urbanwale home services. But as their services are limited to Jamshedpur for now. So in order to reach out to more locations of Jharkhand, Urbanwale looking for expansion in the upcoming five years. So that they able to serve more and more people.

In the coming years, Urbanwale going to cover the largest state Jharkhand. And to ensure the same level of organization it will appoint franchisees in several cities. It improves customer and service provider relationships.

How Urbanwale Team Makes Your Home Easy To Handle?

Mr. Imlak Ahmad was aware of the idea of good networking, similarly, he formed a team of innovative and creative people. The choice of his team member once again set Urbanwale apart from the other home services provider. He shared his thoughts with his key member and made plans, considering every single idea of his team member. As we all know, if you want to do something new and unique, a team with a winning spirit is essential.

By offering all essential services on a single Urbanwale team makes your home easy to handle. You just need your smartphone and in just a few clicks you can resolve your home-related issue stress-free. You are free to hire services according to your requirement and wishes. As Urbanwale offers on-demand services at your doorsteps. They offer a customer-friendly environment so that consumers feel comfortable and it also improves their relationship with the customer. The best part of Urbanwale is that you don’t need multiple applications to hire different –different home services. Your Single application of Urbanwale free up your mobile storage and give access to each and every home-related service in few clicks.

Urbanwale teamwork with good co-ordination. It doesn’t matter startup is small or big, co-ordination is necessary to increase the productivity of the team. Similarly, Urbanwale's initiator Mr. Imlak Ahmad did this to make the startup the best it can be.

The Core Features Of Urbanwale Startup

It is a fundamental truth of the nature that our characteristics only stand us apart from the regular and traditional startup. Likewise, Urbanwale also has some unique qualities that forced people to connect with them.

•    Urbanwale deep-rooted trustworthy characteristics that attract people from every space. As you in this corrupted world, it is very hard to find a local company. When you hire home services it becomes the essential feature own it. As homeowner handed over its sweet home in the hand of another person.

•    Timely Doorstep services is another main feature of Urbanwale. In this fast-moving pace of the world, no one has a single minute to waste. So keeping this in mind Urbanwale offers on-time home services.


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