How is Urbanwale Making your life easy by offering home services?

Posted Date: 09/04/2021
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

With the development of the digital revolution around the world, people can easily meet their needs through the internet and mobile apps. Especially when it comes to using on-demand home services, home services apps and web portals create a buzz around the world. From hiring a person to repair faulty home appliances to performing home cleaning, plumbing, pest control, sanitization, carpentry, fruits, and vegetables at home, all of these services are now just a tap away. As the world has grown faster and people hardly get time to manage household chores, home services apps and online portals have become everyone's need. Therefore, Urbanwale offering on-demand home services with easy-to-use apps that set us apart.

In this packed-schedule life, most people desire an easy living. So if you are looking for the same then you must connect with Urbanwale. We are the leading home service provider in Jamshedpur. Our services cover every aspect of the fully maintained house or workplace. Like cleaning, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, disinfection, pest control, laundry, IT services, and much more. Hence, Urbanwale is the one-stop destination for all your requirements.

UrbanWale Guarantee

Verified Professionals - In order to make sure that customer gets quality and safe services only that’s why we associate with verified and qualified professionals.

Insured Services - To ensure that you have 100% confidence in us, we provide insurance coverage in our services. In addition, it benefits our consumers.

Root-cause service - The best part of service is that our technicians first diagnose the root cause of the issue then give the appropriate solution to your problem.

Timely Service - No one likes late services. Everyone looks for immediate or on-time service. Therefore we make sure our qualified and skilled technicians reach your place on time. 

30 days warranty - Plus, Urbanwale offer 30 days warranty on service. It raise our customer's trust and our service validity.

Customer Support 24x7 - Repudiated company always have proper customer support team likewise we offer quick response and support to our customers for easy life.

Let’s have a look at home services provided by Urbanwale to make your life easy

Cleaning services - It is a good idea to do a thorough clean for several reasons. Not only does it make your home luxurious, but it is also very good for the health and hygiene of you and your family. There are also scenarios where a thorough cleaning can save the day.

If you have guests and want to impress, all you have to do is visit the Deep Home Cleaning Service near me and choose the time and date that is right for you. If you don't want the whole house to be clean, you can book certain services. For example, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sofa cleaning.

Plumbing Services - We provide quality plumbing services for homes by certified, qualified, and reliable licensed plumbers. Now you can get professional plumbing services for any kind of problem or requirement, whether it's a leaking faucet or installing a new shower.

When it comes to household plumbing, you can never take anything lightly. A small leak today could cause a pipe to burst and the supply of clean running water to stagnate. Well, timely plumbing allows you to enjoy basic sanitary pleasures. It also guarantees greater energy savings and an accurate water bill. Whether you have a plumbing problem in the kitchen, bathroom, or even the garden, you get clean water, hot baths, and a thriving garden when the right medium and the right time are available. Urbanwale offers you the convenience of online booking and lets you choose when, where, and how to choose. All plumbers are trained and certified and you also get loss insurance.

Electrical Services - Whether it is an electrical wiring service or an electrical maintenance service when it comes to electrical appliances, it is best not to try any DIY solutions that you must read or hear. Doing so could cause electric shock and fire. For anything electrical, it is best to call in a specialist. Not only do you need the right equipment and materials, but you also need the right knowledge.

Urbanwale sends you experienced and certified electricians for everything you need to install a new electrical outlet install lights, electrical maintenance service, and even smart home solution service. The process is simple. Just look for an electrical engineer near me or an electrician repair service near me, or you can get even more specific and find exactly what your need as a repair service.

Appliances Repair - Appliances have become necessities ranging from luxury. With a busy work schedule and crazy traffic, it is not always possible to go out and fix your equipment. That is why Urbanwale brings home appliance repair services. Urbanwale provides installation, repair, and service of all types of equipment in Jamshedpur. You name it and we fix it.

Painting Services - Hiring a professional paint service offers a number of advantages. Since our professional painting teams are constantly reviewing their own work, we can guarantee you will rate our services, wow! Our team of painters will arrive on time and bring you a quality that is unexpected in a timeline.

Carpentry Services - If your furniture has lost its sparkle, you can find a good job of painting with Urbanwale professional painting services. Other common carpentry jobs include installing shelves, adding to existing cabinets, or occupying kitchen edges or changing handles. You may also want to make carpets a solid cabinet, bed, bookstore, entertainment, door, or window frame. To do this, you will not have to look for a home remodeling company to bring home construction services through Urbanwale.

Fruits and Vegetables - With above mentioned services, you can also order fruits and vegetables by using Urbanwale web portal or android application. In addition, if you receive defected fruits and vegetables then you have easy return and refund policy. It allows our customer enjoy online shopping. That’s why we always say we cover every aspect of your life and home needs. Therefore, make your life easy with Urbanwale. No need to roam in crowded market because Urbanwale allows you to get deliver fresh fruits and vegetables at your doorsteps.

Meat/Fish/ Chicken - With Veg corner we also have non-veg corner where you can buy raw meat, fish and chicken as per your convenience. Urbanwale care for your taste that’s why always make sure customer get everything on our portal what they look for.
Apart from above mentioned services we also offer IT services, laundry services, content writing services and much more.  Find qualified and trained experts that can help you.

What sets Urbanwale Apart from others?

It’s a basic thing about which most people are curious to know What sets us apart from others? Whenever a consumer looks for service, he/she always desires quality service at an affordable rate. Therefore, we follow the customer-oriented service approach. This approach comprises trust, reliability, quality, flexibility, care, satisfaction, time, and fair cost. This is the reason most of the consumer feel satisfied after taking services from Urbanwale.

No doubt! There is an abundance of companies that are offering home services but very few end up with a great customer base. It is fact, if you get good services experience at an affordable rate then you won’t love to switch. The same case with the Urbanwale, single-time experience with Urbanwale service won’t let customers switch because we make sure consumers should get what they desire.


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