One Page Note From The Deeply Hurted Woman Diary On Women's Safety!

Posted Date: 21/10/2020
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Authored by: UrbanWale Blog Contributor, Nisha Singhania

No matter, how modern life we are pursuing but somewhere we are still struggling with women safety issues. Today I am not writing as a writer or author of  UrbanWale but solely as a woman of Proud India. You may have read several inspiring stories of women who are really making India a prideful nation. This shows the power of education & awareness.

For example - During the British Raj, people were unaware of their exploitation that's the reason the British ruled over India for such a long period. But if we compare the phenomenon of awareness in the case of women's safety. When I scroll my social media handles. I observe millions of people who are talking about women's safety and really want a change in the punishments and plead for strict laws. I am observing social media posts for the last 4 to 5 years. In the beginning, I really find them inspiring or a part of any sort of campaign that is running online to offer a women safe zone. But now find them regular posts. They don't stop me scroll down. Till today, I even not a met single girl who doesn't go through any sort of harassment, eve-teasing, or uncomfortable zone being a part of public zone.

When I read people's commentary on the post that is talking about women's problems or asking suggestions over women's safety. I really amazed after reading people's wise words and it gives me a glimpse of genuine people who keep the heart and understand the women's concerns. But when I look around myself I don't find such people. I just want to know the Virtual world's people are different from the real world people or are these wise sayings limited to the virtual world only. Is there any harm if we keep the same mentality when you roam on the road.

Everyday reading about the rape cases in the newspapers or on online media really fills up the heart with fear. And before stepping out of the house we check our dress two-three times whether it is appropriate or not. Because after every rape case, I got to hear from big-heart leaders that dress is inappropriate, wrong timings, and much more. It automatically turns the victim into the culprit. Sometimes she gets raped due to inappropriate dressing or sometimes due to the wrong timings. She must be at home before 7 if she wants to be safe. But I really get shocked when I read about these same incidents with 3 or 5 years of the girl child. It shows the root cause of the problem doesn't lie in the dressing or timing but in the physic of the people.

Sometimes I even complain about why God has given this kind of weakness to the women after making them so strong in handling emotions. I don't know how I am sounding you but this is a stark reality and deep-rooted thoughts and feelings. I hope many women able to connect with me and I surely love to know your opinion as well. 

Women are the soul of the nation and their voices should be heard. Urbanwale believes in equality and likes to provide a platform to share the serious concern of society. #SaveWomenSaveTheWorld


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